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Auriga Group Jobs

Lahore, Pakistan
6 Current Job Openings
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About Auriga Group

Auriga Group of Companies is one of the fastest growing companies among all multinationals and national companies engaged in agrochemicals and seeds business. The Group has three subsidiaries : Auriga Chemical Enterprises, Sayban International & Auriga Seeds Corporation. Auriga Chemical Enterprises has a vast and trusted dealers network covering whole of country Sayban International is an infant company aiming for country wide network of franchisees with distinct look of the put let in the market.

The network is expanding very fast with a concept of one stop solution for all crops inputs. Auriga Seeds Corporation is focused on research and development, of seed varieties using indigenous pool of genetics coupled with elite sources of genetics around the world. The company has focus of developing and procuring high yielding hybrids of field and vegetable crops. The company is actively engaged in sourcing of transgenic technologies from local research institute and developed nations.

Jobs in Auriga Group

6 Current Job Openings
Job Title
Aug 24, 2015
Aug 17, 2015
Aug 13, 2015
Aug 10, 2015
Aug 3, 2015
Aug 3, 2015
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