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Fatima Group Jobs

Lahore, Pakistan
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About Fatima Group

Fatima Group was established in 1936 with trading of commodities and gradually entered into the manufacturing of various products. The Group has a success story spread over seven decades, expanding its horizon from trading to manufacturing. Today, the Group is engaged in trading of commodities, manufacturing of fertilizers, textiles, sugar, mining and energy.

Remaining true to its founding principle of striving for excellence, the Group combined the vision of an entrepreneur, the knowledge of experts, the commitment and business expertise of three generations to develop its core strengths, vision and mission. With the commitment and effort of its employees, professional management and vision of its sponsors, the Group has achieved the standing of being the most progressive and fast growing conglomerate in Pakistan.

The Group has made exceptional progress in the last two decades and diversified into manufacturing of sugar and fertilizers. The Group has a distinction of being the largest exporter of molasses and importer of di-ammonium phosphate (DAP).

In its endeavor to reduce dependency on imports, the Group is engaged in the quarry of rock phosphate which is used as production input in phosphate fertilizers.

The Group's future plans and growth matrix are strategically designed for further portfolio diversification in the energy sector, focusing on green energy.

The commitment to corporate social responsibility at Fatima Group is evident in a wide variety of areas including the quality and safety of products, environmental, health and safety initiatives, ethical manufacturing programs, philanthropy initiatives, community relations, human resources, corporate governance and the code of conduct. Fatima Group assures that all its businesses are managed in compliance with business ethics as defined through its policies.

Realizing its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, the Group contributes substantially to the economic development of Pakistan through taxation, exports and by creating employment opportunities for over 10,000 people.

The diversified operations are carried out from the following Group companies:

* Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited
* Pakarab Fertilizers Limited
* Reliance Weaving Mills Limited
* Fazal Cloth Mills Limited
* Fatima Sugar Mills Limited
* Reliance Commodities (Private) Limited
* Fatima Energy Limited
* Pakistan Mining Company Limited
* Air One (Private) Limited