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Pakson International Plastic Industries Jobs

Gujranwala, Pakistan
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About Pakson International Plastic Industries

PAKSON INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC IND. was founded in 1991, and have been working to produce high quality moulded furniture, plastic steel furniture, households & moulded flower pots, etc with the brand name “BOSS” in Pakistan. With these years of experience, BOSS has earned good business reputation.

“BOSS” always insists on principles of honesty and clear-cut target as the ultimate goal, “a complete well coordinated moulded furniture, plastic steel furniture & households etc” In order to guarantee the manufacturing of the finest quality products in Pakistan.

When Pakson Int'l Plastic Ind., opted to go for “BOSS” as her brand name as well this provide, a really tough but highly beneficial decision for the company and its customers.

Pakson Int’l Plastic Ind.’s (BOSS) services, policies of competitive prices, strict quality control and regular delivery is the cause of its success. Pakson Int’l Plastic Ind., (BOSS) did it, thanks to the brand name “BOSS” which consistently kept capturing our nerves for designing and producing only the best. Credit goes to its valued customers who appreciated “BOSS” products and opted to buy value for their money.

Dedication to our initial commitment of giving complete moulded furniture, plastic steel furniture, households & moulded flower pots, added which the overwhelming reception of the quality in the market has today brought to the level of presenting a comprehensive range of moulded furniture. While spending our wings the only factor which has been kept a constant concern and consideration is the name BOSS. We had to do every thing living upto the name.

The way of attempt and creation with firm and steady management made “BOSS” is famous all over the country as well as other countries of the world.

From the choice of raw materials “100% Pure Furniture Grade Resin” production system to a rigorous quality control procedure and in accord to international standard, so that “BOSS” products has achieved the quality that fulfill the high stated standards.

Consequently, “BOSS” has become the largest moulded furniture manufacturing company in its class at a production on 15 plants and rate of production 3.6 million units per year. BOSS is listed as the leading moulded furniture manufacturer in her class. “BOSS” products are regarded as being of the highest quality. Moulded furniture manufactured by Pakson Int’l Plastic Ind., dominated Pakistani domestic market segments.

Since 1998, Pakson Int’l Plastic Ind., (BOSS) has been exporting internationally and is continuing to export high quality products. Presently Pakson Int’l Plastic Ind., (BOSS) has its technical production and marketing networks all over the country.

While the inspiration coming from our brand name serves as a driving force, the appreciation from our customers serves as a great source of encouragement to delve deeper in search of still better designs that and quality. We have reached the conclusion that our customers really deserve it. Attractiveness and attention to detail are the factors that set Pakson Int’l Plastic Ind.’s plastic products apart from the rest.

One of many details that Pakson Int’l Plastic Ind., (BOSS) pays attention to be uniformity in production this helps us to maintaining a consistency in all its products. We are using the highest quality “100% Pure Furniture Grade Resin” which is internationally recommended for only quality moulded furniture.

The choice of materials is adjusted for various types of environments to allow Pakson Int’l Plastic Ind., (BOSS) products to be adopted for various uses garden environments, conferences, seminars, health clubs, restaurants, hospitals, cafeterias, swimming pools and marriage halls for wedding receptions etc.