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Dawood Hercules Fertilizers Jobs

Lahore, Pakistan
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About Dawood Hercules Fertilizers

DH Fertilizers Limited (DHFL) is a urea fertilizer manufacturing and marketing concern incorporated in August 2010 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited (previously Dawood Hercules Chemicals Limited). DHFL manufactures and markets urea under the brand name "Bubber Sher" with market capitalization of PKR 29.39 billion. Bubber Sher® has consistently delivered quality and value for more than 35 years and today it is recognized as a household name for farmers and agriculturists. Anhydrous Ammonia is provided for the manufacture of soda ash, fructose and other miscellaneous chemicals. The 445 Kt urea plant is located in Sheikhupura, Punjab.
The manufacturing facility was established in 1968 as a joint venture with Hercules Chemicals Inc. of the USA. It was the first private sector venture in Pakistan to receive a loan from the World Bank and was the largest ammonia/urea plant in country at that time. Initially the plant's capacity was 345,000 metric tons of urea per annum. The plant was revamped in 1989 / 1991 to enhance the capacity to 445,500 metric tons of urea per annum. This also made the manufacturing facilities more energy efficient and environment friendly.
In recent years, Dawood Hercules has made a colossal investment to incorporate the latest technology, the most significant of which is the construction of a new prilling tower in record time. The tower is the tallest industrial structure in Pakistan. Other fundamental technological improvements and investments include the replacement of the Primary Waste Heat Exchanger, Primary Reformer Harps Assemblies and conventional instrumentation (with Distributed Control System). DHFL has the privilege of becoming the first fertilizer manufacturing company to obtain ISO-9000:2000 certification. It has also been the recipient of numerous safety and excellence awards.