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Online Quran Academy Jobs

Islamabad, Pakistan
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About Online Quran Academy

New Tech Enterprises was established 5 years ago to
promote technologies and enhance the abilities of management of private and public sector organizations. Our General Order Supplier has good abilities to deliver anything else that demands from any Government and Private Organizations. Technical expert of New Tech Enterprises fully committed to enhance the abilities of any organization through Information Technology.
New Tech Enterprises service is related to Information
Technology and all type of services. New Tech Enterprises
develop and design Software, Website with latest programming languages. We also dealers and supplier of all type of General equipment to Government and Private Companies. We provide best IT solutions for any private and public organization on high quality of work. Our quality control department fully committed to check the quality of our services on every single step.
Our technical experts provide full satisfied services with
honest. Because our company motive is "Honesty is the best Policy". Our company successfully provides services to
Government Department in General Order Supplier's
equipment. Company proves its strong financial and clients
position from last 3 years. Our documentation department fully functional and have abilities to coordinate with customer support and establishment policies and procedure for betterment of delivery.