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Logicose Jobs

Karachi, Pakistan
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About Logicose

About Logicose
Founded in 2009, Logicose is now one of the leading online-marketing firms of Asia. Its phenomenal success can be attributed to its belief in technology and its young and dynamic people. The company’s moto “unlock your true potential” promises a fulfilling career to all its people. It is a company where
performance is both recognized and rewarded. At Logicose, everyone works to their strengths and their weaknesses are simply rendered irrelevant.

Logicose is home to exceptionally talented individuals and leaders who together are changing the way business is done. It serves a global clientele that is primarily based in North America, Arabian Gulf and Europe.

The corporate office of Logicose is in the heart of Karachi:

The Penthouse,
Anum Empire,

Jobs in Logicose

4 Current Job Openings
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