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PAK HY - Oils Limited Jobs

Karachi, Pakistan
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About PAK HY - Oils Limited

At Pak Hy Oils the difference is evident when you walk through our glass doors and step onto our highly polished walkways. All our clients go on to become repeat buyers due to our excellent dealings, high quality standards and dependable delivery schedules. For the team at Pak Hy Oils, the only thing that matters is our customers. We leave no reason for them to complain. And not surprisingly, they never do.
Pak Hy Oils is possibly one of the few companies in Pakistan which doesn't believe in hierarchies. Our customers don't need an appointment to meet our CEO or our Chairman. From our high-ranking directors to our newly engaged sale boys and dealers, you will find our dynamic team fully motivated and eager to sell. From top to bottom, our team sings the same tune: "Nothing is impossible". This is why at a time when the industry is in recession, PHOL's sales figures are sky-rocketing. Our team has managed to show growth while other companies are in danger of going under. Most enterprises are waiting for a better tomorrow, but at Pak Hy Oils we are preparing for one