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Ittehad Chemicals Limited Jobs

Lahore, Pakistan
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About Ittehad Chemicals Limited

Ittehad Chemicals Limited, one of Pakistan's front-line manufacturers of basic inorganic chemicals has come a long way. The Factory, commissioned in 1964 started off production with an initial installed capacity of 60 MT Caustic Soda and 54 MT/day of Chlorine. Rising demand facilitated the first expansion phase which was carried out in 1969 enhancing capacity to 90 MT/day of Caustic Soda and 81 MT/day of Chlorine.

Until this time the unit was well known in industry circles as United Chemicals before being nationalized and renamed as Ittehad Chemicals by the Government and being put under control of the Federal Chemical and Ceramics Corporation Limited (FPCCL). Another Unit, Insecticide Pakistan Ltd., also after nationalization in 1973 and renaming as Ittehad Pesticides Ltd., was later on merged into Ittehad Chemicals Limited. In 1983, the production capacity of Ittehad Chemicals was further increased to 150 MT/day of Caustic Soda and 135 MT/day of Chlorine.

After encountering turbulence through the nationalization phase, Ittehad Chemicals was ultimately privatized in July 1995, with the Management having been taken over by the Chemi Group of Industries. This transition brought with it a new set of challenges, a bold vision and a transformational proactive behavior at the workplace to set in motion a new era of growth and stability.

The present product line includes Caustic Soda (Solid, Liquid and Flakes), Liquid Chlorine, Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite (Liquid Bleach), Zinc Sulphate Mono, Bleaching Earth (Shaffaf), Sulphuric Acid and Lime, for industrial use.

From a feeble business unit to a robust manufacturing enterprise, the pioneering vision of the Chemi Group of Industries continues to take Ittehad Chemicals to new levels of achievement and success. Success that has evolved from a deep understanding of the business, diversity of enterprise, magnitude of the human skills, and a will to forge ahead with new challenges and objectives in mind.