BuyAnyInsurance is built on over a decade’s worth of insurance experience and expertise. Mark Bachayani, our co-founder has worked in insurance for nearly 15 years, and understands the pain points of the customers who are looking to buy or renew their insurance, be it car, home, life or health and has been looking at how to resolve these issues as well as providing a solution-based service to his clients.

This is where Michael llyas, founder of Cactimedia and co-founder of was able to provide his digital experience to help build a user friendly and easy digital platform that provides an online quote to customers in under 1 minute, at any time, anywhere on any device.

All of this would not have been possible without the investment of Bahram Chobineh of Mercury Holdings Limited, whose impressive background spans from advertising through to property management across the GCC and UAE. The opportunity for Bahram to invest in the tech space with, chemistry with the management team and the opportunity to work with a company that has the potential to carve a new way of servicing the insurance industry, was a perfect match.

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