Haji Sheikh Noor ud Din & Sons Pvt Ltd
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Haji Sheikh Noor ud Din & Sons Pvt Ltd

After manufacturing & supplying tents & shelters for four decades, HSNDS proudly claims to be one of the largest tent manufacturers in South East Asia, and one of the world's largest suppliers of Emergency Relief Products.

We are now supplying leading NGOs and Relief / Aid Agencies not just Tents but also a wide variety of other humanitarian/relief items such as Plastic Sheets, Fleece Blankets, Woolen Blankets, Kitchen Sets, Hygiene Kits, Sleeping Mats, Quilts, Jerry Cans, DuraNet, Buckets & so on.

Our ideally placed offices in Pakistan, Switzerland & Dubai with warehouses in China, Dubai, Kenya, India & Pakistan are managed by proven professionals.

Our long term partnership with NRS International, Noor Relief Services and CLARKE makes us the ultimate choice in terms of ability and capacity to respond to crisis of any magnitude.

We try hardest to offer the best value for money. All our products are made to strict compliance of globally approved standards. With our warehouses stock piled with all emergency items at all times, we are able to fulfill your Relief & Emergency needs with ease no matter where your needs are.

Our current position as a supplier with some of the biggest and best relief bodies speaks volumes of our ability to perform effectively, dependably and economically, especially at times when it matters most. Our global offices are available at all times to cater for your needs or for any other information or respond to any concerns you may have.
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