Stafona (Pvt.) Ltd.

Stafona (Pvt.) Ltd.

Offshore with confidence! Stafona is managed by Silicon Valley based high-tech professionals with extensive experience in enterprise and consumer software product development in startup as well as Fortune 500 outfits. We specialize in building consumer Internet applications using the most effective platforms and technologies.


We provide quality software consulting services with focus on web applications, graphic design, search, and multimedia technologies.


How do you stay ahead of your competition? Its time to learn a new language: blogs, mash-ups, RSS, wiki, UGC. Internet is no longer a collection of individual pages; Web 2.0 treats it as an extensible platform to build feature-rich applications. Grow revenue through faster customer acquisition, improve innovation, increase brand recognition. Cut costs on marketing, customer service, and R&D.
Web 2.0 [blogs, mashups, RSS, wikis]
Social Networking
Multimedia [flash video streaming, web based chat systems etc]
Search systems [tagging, crawlers, hosted search etc]


We currently specialize in following platforms, programming languages, and tools:
Languages: Java (hibernate/spring)
DBMS: MySql, Postgres
Server: Apache, Tomcat, Jboss
Web Client: HTML, Javascript/AJAX, Flash
Platform: Linux, Windows


Service Oriented Architecture
On demand computing [Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud EC2]
Data storage & backup solutions [Amazone Simple Storage S3]
Online payment solutions [paypal, amazon]


Electronic and Print Media
Website design [Design Concept + HTML Implementation]
Logo design
Book cover design
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