You are requested to download latest version of ROZEE App from Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iPhone users. This will help in fixing the issue. If the issue persists, send an Email at [email protected] along with your device details so that it can be checked.
You can download the ROZEE Employer App via

- Play Store for Android Users
- App Store for iOS Users
Yes, you can shortlist the applicants via ROZEE employer App by following the steps given below:

1- Click on the Posted Job.
2- Click on the Applicant to view the details.
3- Here you can call, send SMS/Email and shortlist the Applicant.
You can buy credits of our different job categories by following the steps given below:

1- Log in to your App.
2- Click on " Buy Credits ".
3- "Add to Cart" the Job Type that you wish to buy credits for.
4- Click on Proceed.
5- Check the invoice and click on "Pay Now".
6- Enter your Credit Card Number and Details.
7- Your Payment shall be processed and Support Team will approve your payment as soon as possible.
You can check your posted jobs by following the steps given below:

1- Log into your ROZEE Employer App.
2- Click on "My Jobs" on the dashboard to check all your Jobs.
3- You can also check "My Jobs" in the Left hand Menu of the App.

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