Post Graduated from UK's Well reputed University beside syndicate experiences from a multinational companies that would help me to play a key role in analysing problems and come up with creative solutions as well as producing methodologies and archives for efficient financial Solutions. A bright competent, talented and self-motivated administrator, who has excellent structural, interpersonal skills, is highly well-organized and has a good eye for detail. Has an broad experience of assisting in the data disburse mechanism (DDM), implementation of financial procedures, administer the E-Imprest systems and internal controls according to companies Policy & procedures while using their own designed Global Management System (GSM) and upgrading of employees database systems and analytical techniques. A quick learner who can absorb new ideas and can communicate clearly and effectively. Now looking for a suitable finance assistant position with a ambitious organisation


کمپنی کا لوگو
Operations Manager
Support Solutions HUB
نومبر ۲۰۱۸ - موجودہ | Lahore, Pakistan

کمپنی کا لوگو
Senior Customer Support Representative/Coordinator
IBS tec
جون ۲۰۱۷ - نومبر ۲۰۱۸ | Lahore, Pakistan

• IBStec providing BPO solutions to UK mini cab industry, handling various campaigns based in different part of the country like, London, Rugby, Horsham, Amersham, Milton Keynes, Northampton.
• Every campaign runs on distinctive software (Cordic, Autocab, CabMaster, iCabbi, Mercury) provided by the client using VOIP, RTC or cloud based communicators, remote connections and TeamViewers.
• Closely working with Director & Operations Manager to monitor and resolve any issues occurred during sessions.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Online Lecturer
Knowledge Castle Training Institute (KCTI)
ستمبر ۲۰۱٦ - مئی ۲۰۱۷ | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

• KCTI has its own campus in Riyadh offering ABE, Level 3 – Level 7 UK Certifications, Certified by Ofqual, UKBA, and UK Universities.
• My role was to delivering Online Lecturers by using LMS System designed to teach and made for to easy access by students to take part and attend online lectures from around the world.
• Closely worked with Reactor Dean to monitor and resolve any issues occurred during the session and Student Affairs.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Noor College of Business and Science
جون ۲۰۱٦ - دسمبر ۲۰۱٦ | Lahore, Pakistan

Business Studies Lecturer for External UK Programs
(O-Level, A-Level, ABE (UK), BBA, MBA Students)
• NCBS is offers O & A Levels, I-COM, B-COM, FA, BA, UK ABE Level 3 to Level 6 Courses in Pakistan.
• I have been delivering Business & Business Studies Lectures for UK external programs O & A Level Students as well as Computer Studies, Banking, Economics for I-Com Students.
• Coordinating Schedules, Time Tables, arranging PTM’s, Term time Test, Preparations and Delivering Results.
• Administration activities like, Disciplinary Committees In charge, NCBS Facebook/Twitter publications, On-Campus Circular, & Organising non-curricular activities.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Logica IT solutions
مارچ ۲۰۱۴ - اپریل ۲۰۱٦ | Greater London, United Kingdom

Senior Coordinator (Atlas Cars of London) Regional office LogicaIT Solutions (Lahore Pakistan)

• Closely worked with the Director to control rising competition in the market since the rivals of UBER.
• Changing in customer Tariff & Employees commissions accordingly.
• Constantly Monitoring & Evaluation of each department to maintain companies standard, I do Inspect of Vehicles, Documents Checks, Earning Effects due to Absenteeism, Point Check, Payrolls, Complaints, Lost & Found Property, customer Accounts and Cash receipts etc.
• Responsible for financial software function maintenance & Solutions.
• Engaging in meetings to bring new rules, due to rapid change in policies & procedures by the Local Governing Authorities, Providing Trainings and developments of the employee.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Adams Radio Cars Ltd
جون ۲۰۱۰ - اپریل ۲۰۱۳ | Greater London, United Kingdom

• Responsible for Training and Development of companies Drivers, Telephonists and Controllers.
• Accountable for company’s accounts, Imprest Purchase Order IPO, Drivers & Hotel Commissions, receipts and legal communications including Documents related to TFL Transport of London, PCO Public Carriage Office Licensing Authority, and Insurances Companies.
• Driver Payrolls, Statements, Commissions, Customers Weekly Credit receipts, complaints, Lost & Found reports, asset check list, Tax returns, issuing of a new vehicle lease & Individual Personal Statements, Deposits, Deposit returns, Asset verifications and Issuance of a New PDA & Vehicle pair and Installations
• Participation in Business-to-Business Marketing, introduction of new products and policies to work as one, and built stronger partnerships.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Finance Assistant/Duty Manager
Tesco ( multinational organization in retails)
جولائی ۲۰۰٦ - اپریل ۲۰۱۳ | Greater London, United Kingdom

• Supervise & Maintain Store (at all departments levels), Provide assistance to fellow colleagues and Co-workers if needed to ensure smooth and friendly environments & strictly follow companies policy & procedures to have an positive impact on companies profile.
• Responsible to maintain daily staff rotations and Schedules on weekly basis, their Payrolls, Overtime, Complaints, Grievances, Holidays, Absenteeism, Sick Calls, shift swaps, & conduct trainings and skills Development as followed by the advancements in the company.
• Preparing Staff Payslips using company’s designed software and hours worked in last 4 weeks (13 times in a year), Disbursement of salaries for the whole of metro store using Direct Disbursement System (DDM), updating of employees (Residence Address, Bank account, National Insurance, Tax, UKBA Visa) Status using company’s default (Global Management System) GSM.
• Held responsible for Stock checks like (Gaps, Rotations, Code Check of Ambient Fruit & Vegetables, Diamond Products, Promotions, Remerchandising Promotions, Star Shelves, POS - Point of Sale, OOS – Out of Stock report, EPW – Emergency Product Withdrawal, Missing Labels, Price Check, Swap labels with NEW Price updates). Direct reporting to the Store Manager.
• Liable to maintain store Daily/Weekly Sales, Shrink, Returns, Wastage, Stock under strict companies deadlines ensure to meet the targets.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Corporate Admin
Heathmill Business Centre
جنوری ۲۰۰۵ - اگست ۲۰۰۷ | Greater London, United Kingdom

• Heathmill offering Payday Loans to US Residents, on weekly, biweekly, monthly basis depends on their estimated income.
• My role was to Integrate object technology into new & current Projects
• Dealt with local & International financial Institutions
• No Compromise between Quality and Quantity
• Monitoring of Live Inbound/Outbound Calls, False Sales, Customer Complaints, Auditing, Maintenance of Staff Schedules and appointments.
• Starting working as Outbound/Inbound Sales, also served as Quality Assurance Analysts, and then moved to the Administration division of the Company.


University of Sunderland
ماسٹرز, ماسٹرز ان بزنس ایڈمنسٹریشن, MBA Business Administration‎
درجہ B+
ڈپلوما, Level 7 Edexcel Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies‎
Business Administration, Administrative System in Organisation, HR Management
Institute of Administrative Management (IAM)
ڈپلوما, Advance Diploma in Administrative Management‎
Business Administration, Administrative System in Organisation, HR Management
Central School of Professional Studies (CSPS)
ڈپلوما, Advance Diploma In business Administration‎
Applied Economics, Financial Reporting, Business Accounting, Financial Accounting
Central School of Professional Studies (CSPS)
ڈپلوما, Diploma in Business Administration‎
HRM, Organisational Behaviour, Marketing Research
Central School of Professional Studies (CSPS)
سرٹیفیکیشن, Certificate In General English‎
University of the Punjab
بیچلرز, , Bachelors in Commerce‎
Advance Financial Accounting, Business Communication and Report Writing, Economics, Auditing, Cost A
Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Lahore
انٹرمیڈیٹ / اے لیول, , Intermediate of Commerce‎
Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad
میٹرک / او لیول, , Matriculation in Science‎

پیشہ ورانہ مہارتیں

5+ سال Account Mapping
5+ سال AutoCab
5+ سال Bookkeeping
5+ سال Client Aquisition
5+ سال Closing
5+ سال Cordic
5+ سال Cordic Auto Despatch System
5+ سال Corporate - Marketing Departments
5+ سال Corporate - Procurement / Administration Departmen
5+ سال Creating Commission Structures
5+ سال CRM
5+ سال Customer Service Management
5+ سال Customer Service Operations
5+ سال Customer-focused Service
5+ سال Direct Sales
5+ سال Distributors
5+ سال End to End Sales
4 سال Global Management System (GSM)
5+ سال Hiring And Team Building
5+ سال Human Resource Planning
5+ سال iCabbi
5+ سال Identifying Sales Opportunities
3 سال Imprest Purchase Order (IPO)
5+ سال Individual Contributor
5+ سال Individuals / Consumers
5+ سال Influential Communicator
5+ سال Integrated Product Development
5+ سال Internet Troubleshooting
5+ سال Managing Large Teams - 20+ People
5+ سال Managing Midsize Teams - 5 to 20 People
5+ سال Managing Small Teams - 1 to 5 People
2 سال Mercury Auto Despatch System
5+ سال Microsoft Access
5+ سال Microsoft Excel
5+ سال Microsoft Outlook
5+ سال Microsoft PowerPoint
5+ سال Microsoft Word
5+ سال Multi-cultural Team Management
5+ سال Planning Budgeting & Forecasting
5+ سال Retailers
5+ سال Stock Control
5+ سال World Class Customer Service


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