To pursue aspiration and commitment by excelling Executive, management related post.nLong Run To be at a challenging, top Management Office Multinational/National Organization.nTo earn my living faithfully.


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کمپنی کا لوگو
Social Mobilization Officer
International Rescue Committee
ستمبر ۲۰۲۲ - موجودہ | Lahore, Pakistan

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Country level under the supervision of the IRC team, expected to identify, connect and bring in the networked health, including those who are less of the “usual suspects”, to the community activities also expected to motivate and engage fellow community members to deliver the best prototypes for the identified public space and gray areas and will report to the designated focal person of the IRC country team.
·          Contribute to design and implementation of  outreach activities to provide inputs to outreach community mobilizer;
·          Keep the community updated about the project;
·          Connect with and engage individuals and groups who approach societal problems in less conventional ways, in complement to or outside traditional civil society activities;
·          Connect the mapped initiatives and people with each other and coordinate for their mutual benefit e.g., when more than one group offer the same or complementary services;
·          Organize and participate in all project events (practical trainings on collaboration between the local government and communities, consultations with communities, mobilization of youth, community design workshops, idea generator camp and etc.);
·          Assist community initiatives with their online documentation (community proposals) jointly with outreach community mobilizer;
·          Respond and adjust to a flexible activity scheduling, logistical constraints related to public space management, or social dynamics involving the community and its expectations;
·          Make  the space visible and supply understanding  of community when demands come in.
·          Conduct baseline surveys/assessments.
·          Coordinate and mobilize communities on conducting focus group discussion in the target areas.
·          Conduct research/assessment on Menstrual Hygiene Management.
·          Conduct awareness sessions/walks in girl's schools/colleges/Madrasas.
·          Develop strong relationship with community and engage Diverse Organizations, Community Leaders, and residents of the intervention areas.
·          Lead the formation of Primary Groups, WASH Clubs and WASH Committees in the community.
·           Conduct Hygiene Promotion through CLTS/SLTS/ WinS approaches.
·           Launch BCC campaigns in the targeted areas.
·           Ensure close coordination with technical team and provide support in the implementation of project activities.
·           Identify beneficiaries for and document success stories/case studies/ human interest stories.
·           Ensure adherence to UN-Habitat operational policies, procedures and standards of conduct
·           Perform any other tasks as assigned by the supervisor(s).
·          Social Mobilizer is responsible for mobilizing the community through dialogue, awareness raising and using PRA/RRA tools to identify causes of local problems and their solutions.
·          Form a health management committee from the community for each BHU to take ownership and management at local level for the facilities.
·          Provide facilitation in the group formation, election of representatives, record keeping, internal saving mechanism and training/ capacity building of the HMC members
·          Ensure active community support for the project activities and ownership.
·          Facilitate the weekly meetings of these HMCs and participate from ORGANIZATION’s side.
·          Identify and proactively communicate any issues that might affect the project implementation and engage community support with guidance from the Provincial Coordinator and Sr. Program Officer to address the issues.
·          Collection and dissemination of information between communities, ORGANIZATION project staff and stakeholders.
·          Reporting the progress on regular basis

کمپنی کا لوگو
Hospital Coordinator
Pakistan TB Control Program
مارچ ۲۰۲۲ - اکتوبر ۲۰۲۲ | Gujranwala, Pakistan

Facilitate intake process for manage care admissions streamline Medicaid, Medicare admissions to regional inpatient hospitals.Assist in the development emergency response and preparedness plan that incorporates ISO requirements, and national and local fire protection codes.Maintain compliance with all Hospitals according to TB, AIDS, and MALARIA Control Programme.Belong to the start-up team that assist build-up and train in-country HSE teams, prepare bridging documents, designing ERP plans.Review payroll registers for accuracy and prepared/submit payroll/billing adjustments as required.Submit weekly payroll, tracking excessive overtime and alerting management as necessary.Communicate directly with community health fairs and instructional conferences through carefully prepare PowerPoint presentations.Spearhead the start-up of a new facility and transfer clinical operations with uninterrupted patient service.Maintain inventory of items relevant to emergency management, specifically those purchase with federal grant funds.Recruit and develop of a competent staff capable of making each facility financially stable and clinically competitive.Direct inbound or outbound logistics operations, such as transportation or warehouse activities, safety performance, or logistics quality management.Provide analytical and specialize administrative support for CSO and c-level management team.handle Regional Hospitals administrative tasks,appointment scheduling,inventory management, and communicationsCoordination with Higher management regarding Hospitals CompliancesOrganizing Management Reviews Committee MeetingsPromote and conduct regular Management reviews and ensure that accurate records of such reviews are maintained.Acts as a role model for Quality related activities all regional Hospitals.Assessed employee performance annually and delivered constructive feedback, improving employee retention rates.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Quality Assurance Representative
جنوری ۲۰۲۱ - مارچ ۲۰۲۲ | Lahore, Pakistan

Overall coordinator of all quality-related activities in the hospital as well as department. In the exercise of this responsibility the representative ensures that all quality related goals, plans and strategies formulated across the department/sections are achieved. The representative reports to the Hospital Management Representative for Quality.Establish, implement and maintain a documented Quality system across the Hospital and department.With the assistance of divisional head for quality, revise a quality plans, quality process and quality goals that are oriented to assisting the hospital in meeting its quality vision.Exercise leadership in coaching, guiding and directing the formulation of Quality standards for clinical practice and customer services, QA quality policies and continuous quality improvement (CQI) initiatives.Issues all new revised and amended standards, policies, procedure and protocols, which guide the practice of the department.Promote and conduct regular Management reviews and ensure that accurate records of such reviews are maintained.Acts as a role model for Quality related activities in the department and Hospital.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Supervisor OPD&AS
ستمبر ۲۰۱۳ - مارچ ۲۰۲۲ | Lahore, Pakistan

Lead numerous responsibilities, including organising workflow, guiding employees in understanding duties and delegated tasks, and resolving staff issues to ensure optimised performance and productivity. Conduct internal departmental mock audits and supervise quarterly management review meetings to devise innovative solutions to drive growth. Supervise and perform monthly quality control and enhancement sessions with staff to drive continuous process improvement. Organise training sessions for staff on Joint Commission Accreditation Certification (JCIA).Participate in recruitment, selection, training, and orientation of new employees, along with developing training manuals and delivering post-training analysis.Reduced discrepancies and enhanced scheduling by planning, devising, and developing training calendars and programmes based on TNA and leading training across departments.Drove development and implementation of robust operational policies and procedures by supporting management to ensure smooth flow of work across departments.Assessed employee performance annually and delivered constructive feedback, improving employee retention rates.Prepare and maintain department goals, KPIs and present with Higher management.Prepare Departmental monthly reports and present with Higher Management.Prepare Staff Roster and effective utilization of staff.Conducting internal departmental Audits and its compliancesEnsure the departmental Quality of services.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Bussiness processing Outsourcing
Systems Limited (Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Lahore
اپریل ۲۰۱۲ - ستمبر ۲۰۱۲ | Lahore, Pakistan


University of Education
ماسٹرز, ماسٹرز ان سائنس, MSC ECONOMICS‎
CGPA 2.8/4
University of the Punjab
بیچلرز, , B.com‎

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متوسط 360 Recruitment
ماہر Ability To Work Under Pressure
ماہر Academic Achievement
ماہر Academic Administration
ماہر Accountability
متوسط Accounting Software
ماہر Accounts Administration
ماہر Active Reports
ماہر Activity Based Management
ماہر Adaptive Leadership
ماہر Admin Management
ماہر Administration
ماہر Administration Knowledge
ماہر Administration Skills
ماہر Administration Work
ماہر Administrative Assistance
ماہر Administrative Skills
ماہر Administrative Tasks Handling
ماہر Adminstrative Assistance
ماہر Admission Management
ماہر Admissions Counseling
ابتدائی Agile Project Management
متوسط Agriculture Knowledge
ماہر Analysis and Reporting
ماہر Analytical Review
ماہر Analytical Skills
ماہر Appointment Scheduling
متوسط Architectural Project Management
ماہر Assignments Handling
ماہر Attention to Detail
ماہر Audit Coordination
ماہر  Microsoft Office
ماہر  Talent Acquisition
ماہر B2B Business Development
ماہر Brand Advertising
ماہر Budgeting
متوسط Business Acquisition Financing
ماہر Business Analysis
ماہر Business Development
ماہر Business Development Consultancy
ماہر Business Development Proces
ماہر Business Development Strategies
ماہر Business Letters Writing
ماہر Business Partner Relations Management
ماہر Business Strategy
ماہر Capacity Planning
ماہر Capital Budgeting
ماہر Cash Flow Management
ماہر Chat Support Skills


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ماہر اردو
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