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Company Background

  • ACE Money Transfer, a UK based Multinational & is providing Money Transfer Services to its customers from all across the UK & Europe in 100 countries around the Globe.
  • We have a diverse customer base of more than 1 million.
  • Our head office is located in Manchester, UK, and has a Liaison Office in Kharian, Pakistan.
  • We have 15 dedicated departments working in our Liaison office.

Job Description

To facilitate the ongoing development and maintenance of our company’s databases, database applications and business intelligence and reporting solutions, ensuring a program of continuous improvement in all matters relating to our databases is put in place, including a rolling schedule of audit, revision, incremental improvement and development.

Database Development

  • Assist the Solutions Team with SQL/MySQL logical and physical design, as well as performance tuning. Creating complex query definitions
  • Examine project requests that detail database requirements in order to estimate project time and cost.
  • Design, develop, test, and implement, new and changed database tables, views, and associated functionality, including risk and impact analysis.
  • New and updated database tables, views, and associated functionality, as well as risk and impact analyses, are designed, developed, tested, and implemented.
  • Plan, coordinate, and implement security procedures to protect information against damage, modification, or disclosure by accident or without authorization.
  • Develop rules and guidelines for the usage and procurement of database-related software, as well as for the protection of sensitive data.

Business Intelligence

  • Establish and confirm reporting needs with end users.
  • Create and implement a standardized report development, design, and delivery process. Perform Data Analysis and Trend Analysis across the breadth of the organization’s data.
  • Create data tables, views, stored procedures, and functions to make reporting of essential business insights more consistent.
  • To support business needs, create ad-hoc queries and reports (T-SQL).
  • Use SSRS to create reports.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the newest BI solutions and advancements, and provide business recommendations as needed.
  • Maintain high availability solutions, such as Data Warehousing/Replication (SSIS), to assure corporate data continuity and reduce the impact of Data Analysis on live systems.

Support and Maintenance

  • SQL Server environment administration on a daily basis, including proactive monitoring, analysis, and tweaking of the production environment.
  • Ensure that all database systems work as expected by the company.
  • Maintain, develop, and support current database tables, views, triggers, and related functionality.
  • Implement data security standards, such as access rights and privileges control, to protect data integrity.
  • Working with co-workers to administer and enforce SQL Server security, which includes coordinating and implementing security measures to protect data in databases from hackers.
  • Damage, modification, or disclosure that is unintentional or unauthorised.
  • Implement solutions for high availability, such as clustering and mirroring.
  • In charge of SQL Server backups in all environments.
  • Scheduled SQL Server jobs are managed on a daily basis.
  • Creation of comprehensive technical documentation covering standard operating procedures.

Required Qualifications:

  • Graduate (with minimum of 5 years’ experience)
  • Master degree with Data Administration ( 2 years’ experience)


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