App Sparq Technologies is seeking a Software QA Engineer who has experience in automated testing. We are offering a full-time position with great benefits. The ideal candidate needs to have at least 2-3 years of experience in automated testing. Note that our main service is to provide support to clients in North America. Because of that we need candidates who are willing to work at night time so that we can cover North American daylight hours.

Our office hours are from 3 PM - 12 AM.


  • 10 business days as starting vacation.
  • 5 business days allowed for sick days.
  • If vacation days are not used then they will be paid out in cash at the end of the year.
  • Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) are off.
  • Yearly performance based bonus.
  • Yearly training allowance.

Required Skills:

  • Should have at least 2 years of experience in QA Automation.
  • Should have hands-on experience using test automation tools like Selenium.
  • Should have experience in testing web applications using automation tools.
  • Should be able to write test scripts for functional testing.
  • Should be able to write unit and integration tests using .NET, .NET Core, C#.
  • Should be able to build the CI/CD pipeline for automated test scripts.
  • Needs to have solid experience with Git for proper source code management.
  • Having worked with Azure DevOps would be a plus


  • Test existing applications.
  • Write test scripts for functional testing of applications.
  • Write unit tests for testing individual methods for various use cases.
  • Write integration tests for ensuring data integrity across multiple applications.
  • Be able to use test automation tools like Selenium.
  • Have the ability to learn new technologies or platforms for testing, like BrowserStack for example.
  • Create tickets to report bugs and issues with the applications.
  • Fulfill administrative and status reporting requirements and other tasks as assigned by the management.

Desired Skills 

  • Should be hard-working. 
  • Should be able to work on complex tasks independently. 
  • Should be a team player and provide support to other team members. 
  • Should have the aptitude to learn and understand new emerging technologies. 
  • Should have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English. 
  • Should be able to work at night time. 

Education & Experience

  • BS in Computer Science or Software Engineering.
  • MS degree holders will be preferred.
  • 2-3 years of Professional Experience.
  • 1-2 years in the Microsoft Domain.


QA Automation, Test Scripts, Selenium, CI/CD pipelines, .NET, .NET Core, C#, ASP.NET


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BS in Computer Science or Software Engineering. MS degree holders will be preferred
2年 (Should have at least 2 years of experience in QA Automation)
Jun 21, 2022
May 20, 2022

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