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Allied Consultants

Setup in 1950, Allied Consultants was setup as a legal Consulting firm. In the early 80s, we switched to consulting in the education sector. Since 2001, we have been heavily involved in technology consulting focusing largely on the Microsoft sector. To this day, we hold true to our roots of justice and fair play. Over the years, we have worked for a diverse array of industries over the years including the Software, Financial, High tech manufacturing and retail sectors. We offer a diverse array of clientèle ranging from Start ups to enterprise customers. We operate as two separate profit and Loss units dealing with technology and education sector consulting. Both units operate as non-profits units with the objective being the greatest good for the greatest number of people. For this reason, we provide the training content freely on our training portal. Our technology consulting side aims to operate as small profit and loss units that aim to maximize input to development staff. Our differentiators are our values. We believe that these are the best way to deliver real and sustainable values to our customers