Amigos Outreach
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Amigos Outreach

pCall Center carries out sales and marketing activities which are mainly done through cold calling, we have been providing sufficient valuable information about company / product to people and convert them as a potential leads that turns into sales t...



amigos-outreachWed at 10:03pm
我们在寻找 Customer Services Representative - Outbound用过点击链接申请
amigos-outreachAug 4 at 11:06pm
我们在寻找 Customer Care Representative - Final Expense用过点击链接申请
amigos-outreachJul 23 at 10:53pm
我们在寻找 Customer Service Representative用过点击链接申请
amigos-outreachJul 21 at 5:08pm
我们在寻找 Computer Operator用过点击链接申请
amigos-outreachJul 15 at 4:31pm
我们在寻找 Customer Service Representative用过点击链接申请