Artistic Denim Mills, Ltd.
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Artistic Denim Mills, Ltd.

pOverview: ADM Denim is a Premium Denim Producer. The company is public listed and started production in 1993. Current capacity is three Million yards of Fabric and one million pairs of jeans per month. ADM is a complete vertical unit converting Cotton to Finished Garments. On the fabric side, our product range includes weights from 8 oz up to 14 oz using multi-count/multi-twist ring/open-end yarns using AMSLER technology. We have two rope indigo dye ranges, which are capable of doing colored bottoming/topping plus very deep indigo shades. Weaving is done on machines from Switzerland and Italy. We have latest flat finishing machines designed to give denim constructed denim look and clear optics. Our medallion finishes foam coats denim with resin or color pigment to give 3-dimensional effect. We produce denim using 100 % cotton, 99% Cotton 1% Lycra, and T400 Invista Fiber. On the garment side, we produce 5-pocket jeans for well know brands in Europe and the United States. The infrastructure includes computerized cutting tables, specialize robotic jeans sewing equipment, and TONELLO washing machines. Highly trained staff operates our laundry with quarterly visits from Italian experts for collection development. We are an environment friendly company with water treatment and effluent treatment facilities meeting toughest international standards. ADM is not just a manufacturer of fabric and garment, but a complete development facility to provide 'speed to the market' capability required by our customers. Social Accountability Policy Statement : At Artistic Denim Mills Ltd, the Management is committed to: Effectively implement the requirements of SA 8000:2001 standard, all applicable International, National and local legal requirements regarding social accountability at ADM. Communicate and train all Staff & Workers of ADM regarding Social Management System, which help to achieve Continual Improvement in ADMs working environment. Provide safe, healthy and h