Ashraf Group of Industries
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Ashraf Group of Industries

Ashraf Sugar Mills Limited, Bahawalpur is the foremost industrial unit in Ashraf Group of Industries. It was originally named as Bahawalpur Sugar Mills.

The erection of the Sugar Mills was started in august, 1981 and accomplished in a record time of 13 months under the proficient guidance of its founder late Chaudhry Muhammad Ashraf. The trial production was started in December, 1982 and concluded in March, 1983. Subsequently on the death of Chaudhry Muhammad Ashraf in November, 1983 the name of the Sugar Mills was changed to Ashraf Sugar Mills to pay befitting homage to its founder.

The Mill was established in an economically and industrially backward area of Pakistan to endow with employment opportunities to local population and also to exploit major crop of sugar-cane grown in the area. At present over 1500 persons are working in the mill. Its installation has amplified the earnings of the sugar cane growers in the mill zone area. It has facilitated to bring about substantial improvement in the income and consequently the standard of living of workers and peasants alike thereby transforming the prevalent socio-economic conditions of the area.

Sugar Industry is one of the major industries which help in improving the means of communications in the remote and backward areas in the country-side by means of construction of roads and bridges and Ashraf Sugar Mills has played imperative role in this respect. The mill is rated as one of the finest quality sugar manufacturer in Pakistan