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Dodhys Group

A company by the name of "Dodhys Agencies" was founded in 1954 in Lahore, Pakistan, for distribution and sale of pharmaceuticals and surgical instruments. In 1962, Mr. I.H. Dodhy, present CEO, was trained in Germany by Draegerwerk AG for Medical Equipment, Gas Detection, Industrial Safety, and Diving Equipment.

In 1986, as a special privilege, Dodhys Agencies (Pvt.) Ltd. was granted license by Draegerwek for manufacturing of anesthesia machines in Pakistan, which made deep impact on the local market considering its cutting-edge technology and competitive pricing. More than 500 anesthesia machines made by Dodhys Agencies (Pvt.) Ltd. are in use in Pakistan.

As a sequel to this development, Dodhys Agencies (Pvt.) Ltd. developed on their own, Seneca PO2, a modular Anesthesia Machine for economical anesthesia - especially suitable for remote areas where availability of gas cylinders is difficult.

Yet another development came in 1992, when Dodhys Agencies (Pvt.) Ltd. put Pakistan on the list of medical equipment exporting countries.

In parallel with these developments, Dodhys Medical Limited, was established in 1996 at the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone with a view to enhance product range and develop international market. The manufacturing facility in U.A.E. comprises 1200 m2 of covered area, which comprises full-fledge workshops, paint shop, injection molding shop, product assembly hall, and warehouse for raw materials & finished goods.

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