Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
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Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd

Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd is an Event Management Company with strategic partners and major operations in Pakistan. Since its inception in 2001, Ecommerce Gateway has, through a two-prong strategy, extended its reach to cover all major cities of Pakistan, simultaneously establishing a network of partners in China, Turkey, South Korea, U.K., Malaysia, U.A.E., Central Asian Republics, Middle East, India and Far East. With reliable network of agents and supporting organizations, Ecommerce Gateway is now in a strong position to organize mega exhibitions and conferences successfully in the whole region. With the organization of largest and most successful events in Pakistan like ITCN Asia, Textile Asia, ITIF Asia, Build Asia and Health Asia etc., Ecommerce Gateway is now regarded as Pakistan's #1 Event Organizer, organizing over 20 Exhibitions at Karachi Expo Centre annually. Building upon its success during the past few years, Ecommerce Gateway has planned multiple international exhibitions and conferences covering all major trade, industry and commerce sectors in the future years. Ecommerce Gateway is the only Company in Pakistan registered as Member, UFI International Association of Exhibition Organizers, France. Ecommerce Gateway has 100% holding rights of US Publishers (Pvt) Limited in Pakistan, the Company that has been publishing Yellow Pages Directories for the last 23 years under the brand name, Jamal's Yellow Pages of Pakistan, which is the only authenticated source of business data of Pakistan that is used worldwide by embassies, trade organizations, chambers of commerce, businessmen, entrepreneurs and marketers for their corporate usages. The key success to Ecommerce Gateway's Events is the most beneficial usage of Jamal's Yellow Pages of Pakistan's database by its Event Management Division for extending invitations to Pakistani entrepreneurs and trade bodies for participation as Exhibitors/Visitors in its Events. For Overseas Exhibitors/Visitors, Ecommerce Gateway has, during the past six (6) years, developed and consolidated its database to cover China, Japan, U.S.A, UK, Europe, Russia, South Korea, Malaysia, U.A.E., Central Asian Republics, India, Australia, Far East and OIC member Countries etc. to make best utilization of its expertise for its Events Management Division. The expanded database gives Ecommerce Gateway a unique advantage of having direct access to the stakeholders in any business or trade sector of a specific country for its exhibitions and conferences and thus making its events a grand success.