Hisokakan Ventures
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Hisokakan Ventures

Hisokakan Ventures is a group of technology companies based in Southeast Asia. We have close to 40 people in the group working in Singapore, Vietnam and Pakistan. We are actively looking to developers and UX designers to join our team.

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hisokakan-venturesAug 27 at 3:23pm
我们在寻找 HTML Developer (Remote)用过点击链接申请
hisokakan-venturesAug 27 at 2:57pm
我们在寻找 UX Designer - Web / Mobile (Remote)用过点击链接申请
hisokakan-venturesJul 29 at 8:41am
我们在寻找 Mobile App Developer - React Native / Flutter用过点击链接申请
hisokakan-venturesJul 12 at 3:53pm
我们在寻找 Web Developer - PHP用过点击链接申请