King Fahad University of Petroleum & Minerals
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King Fahad University of Petroleum & Minerals

Our Mission

KFUPM is an institution of higher learning committed to:

a. Preparing professionals empowered with the knowledge, skills, values and confidence to take a leadership role in the development of the Kingdom in the fields of science, engineering, environmental design and business.

b. Producing research that contributes to the knowledge and sustainable development of the Kingdom and region by providing innovative solutions to identified economic and technical problems and opportunities.

c. Providing a stimulating campus environment for the welfare of its students, faculty and staff, and offering outstanding professional services and out-reach programs to the society at large.

2. Our Vision

To be a vibrant multicultural University of international repute, focused on quality education and innovative research that prepares professionals and entrepreneurs to lead in social, economic and technical development in the region.

3. Our Values

The following ten core values, guided by the Islamic principles, form the foundation upon which KFUPM builds its reputation and success:

Encourage and entertain creative ideas and solutions in teaching, learning, and research, placing it at the forefront of our focus and initiatives.

Strive to excel in what we do by maximizing our skills and continuously improving our business processes to improve quality of our products and services.

Adhere to ethical and professional code of conduct that encapsulates honesty, sincerity and trustworthiness.

Deal fairly and humanely with all people, respecting justice and individual rights and freedom.

Attract and develop employees and students of different nationalities seeking to promote cultural diversity through inclusion of a broad range of people and perspectives.

Be responsive to our stakeholders requisites and demands with a strong customer focus.

Aim to create value through teamwork in our business within and outside, treating one another with respect and to help students to share the spirit of teamwork in their academic progression.

Advocate leadership roles that uphold professionalism, responsibility and motivation.

Focus on a disciplined behavior, interaction and approach to our professional work.

Deal in a transparent manner in matters of education, performance and progress of faculty, staff and students.

Our commitment to Values:

Teach and emphasize our values to the students through course work, extracurricular activities, advising and counseling, academic processes, out-reach programs and preach-as-we-practice behavior of mentors.

Make all employees aware of the institutional values through employment contracts or conditions, specified code of conduct, administrative processes and policies, and annual performance evaluation.

Pay attention to our commitment to preserve and nurture these values by requiring the measurement of their enhancement in all proposed new initiatives, new programs and improvement of programs.