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NorthBay Solutions

North Bay Solutions is the leading supplier of software outsourcing services to enterprise and emerging companies. We are a US corporation, headquartered in Boston area, and our focus is to help our clients achieve time-to-market advantage, drive technology innovation, and gain economical access to world-class software engineering resources globally. From on-site to offshore, North Bay Software solutions' engineering teams deliver projects and products while helping our clients achieve their business goals. Our experienced US and Pakistani Project Management, Architecture, Software Development, QA, testing, support, and professional services experts have delivered superior software solutions for some of the world's largest companies, and also for some of the world's most innovative start-up companies. North Bay Software solutions helps clients develop customized enterprise software and solutions, web-based and client-server products and applications, software for wireless and mobile platforms, high-fidelity content and document management applications, and real-time data systems and applications. North Bay Solutions teams are run by local technical leaders with multiple years of experience managing global software development. Our technical leaders bring strong communication and collaboration skills that ensure smooth and efficient interaction between global teams. North Bay Solutions will increase our clients' overall software R&D effectiveness insuring quality, on-time and economical delivery and quicker time-to-market.