Pakistan Poultry Farms
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Pakistan Poultry Farms

“The name that recognizes quality and strives to achieve excellence in order to satisfy its customers nationally and internationally.”

Punjab Chicks is recognized nationally and internationally as a pioneer in providing quality standard chicks and Hatching Eggs.

The Company Punjab Chicks emerged as a business on a small scale in the year 1980. Although the Company commenced on a small scale but it was a pioneer and a leading Company of Poultry in Pakistan at that time.

The credit behind the success of this Company goes to its Chief Executive Officer, Chaudhry Muhammad Akram, who with his charismatic personality brought the Company into limelight and developed it into a sound and well known Company.

The Punjab Chicks under the supervision of its CEO along with the staff members of the Company worked together with zeal and commitment as a team to accomplish the target and the platform where they stand today. By this year the Company proudly claims of producing 15 million a "day old chicks" per annum and 99 thousand eggs are hatched and looked after every day.Punjab Chicks is also a pioneer in exporting these productions of a “day old chicks" and hatching eggs to other countries like Muscat, UAE and Saudi Arabia.