Ravi Autos Sundar Pvt. Limited
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Ravi Autos Sundar Pvt. Limited

Welcome to the world of Ravi Autos. In the capacity of a private group, adept in the art of perfecting automotive components, all of our actions are carried out with skill and precision. The various specialized divisions that come under our patronage include:

- Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting
- CNC Machining
- Plastic Injection Molding
- Automotive Oil Pumps
- Automotive Water Pumps
- Automotive Engine Components
- Automotive Steering knuckles
- Automotive CNG Kit Components
- Automotive Clutches

Looking in to the future, our goal is to go from strength to strength. This is possible with the dedicated cooperation and hard labor of our associates as well as the management. Hoping to scale the heights towards betterment and excellence there is scope for the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and best global practices in the work place.

Ravi Autos Sundar (Pvt.) Ltd was established in 1983. Since then the company has steadily gained strength in the automotive sector by establishing itself as one of the leaders amongst OEM manufacturers globally. The company has the following specialized divisions:

- Sand Casting
- Forging
- High Pressure Die Casting
- Gravity Casting
- Plastic Injection Molding
- Motor Cycle Engine Assembly
- Sheet Metal Works