Service Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
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Service Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Service Sales Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. (SSC) being Pakistan’s leading retailer has always been at the forefront of taking new initiatives to provide the best experience to our customers across Pakistan.

Operating through a network of more than 500 retail stores and exceeding 2500 independent retailers in our wholesale network across Pakistan, SSC today has the largest retail presence in Pakistan.

SSC is primarily a retail company with two main lines of business – footwear and pharmacy retail. Footwear brands operate under the banner of Servis and Shoe Planet whereas the pharmacy business operates under the banner of Servaid.

In footwear, SSC runs most of its business under the retail banner of Servis which is a family footwear store catering to the needs of the entire family. SSC has made considerable investments in this brand and today Servis is one of the leading super-brands of Pakistan that personifies dynamism and trust simultaneously. Shoe Planet is SSC’s premium footwear retail brand which houses leading international brands in a cutting edge retail environment. SSC also partners with leading brands from around the world like ECCO, Clarks, Nike, Hush Puppies, Pierre-Cardin, Urban Sole, IMAC & CAT and provides them with commercial avenues to tap into the land of opportunity that is Pakistan.

Beyond footwear, SSC has diversified into pharmacy retail business with its brand Servaid, which is currently the largest chain of pharmacies in Pakistan. Servaid is presently servicing more than 10,000 consumers every day through professionally trained pharmacists with authentic medicines and a high quality environment.