Techno Solutions International
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Techno Solutions International

As a well established name in today's Information Technology Market of Kuwait, Techno Solution Systems takes pride in being the pioneer in operating creatively within a framework of shared values and business goals.

Founded in the year 2000, the company has been in the forefront of introducing new technologies and trends in the local market. It has made a good reputation for itself in re engineering technology as innovator and solution provider that produces systematic and creative outputs of the highest quality which receive appreciation from customers around the country. Provide our customers with advanced skills and focused expertise by forming teams of professionals in several fields, working exclusively on each project.

Over the last few years, TS have concentrated under stringent effort in developing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and e-Business software products for the world market. These seamlessly integrated products are equipped with a full range of planning and decision support tools and accelerate business processes. The products and solutions the company offers add a unique value proposition of comparable set of features, swift implementation and effective support at an affordable price.