Zaka Public School
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Zaka Public School

ZAKA PUBLIC SCHOOL (ZPS) is newly established school situated at Gul Bahar Kalan, Sialkot. The School is located at an ideal location few hundred yards away from the busy road Sialkot - Chaprar near Sultan Hospital Gulbahar.rnIt was felt for the long time that ,there is no purpose build school in the area have properly trained high quality faculty imparting proper curriculum to prepare the children for professional colleges. There are some good schools like City and Beacon House Schools, but they are located at a far distance , where one has to spend substantial amount of money for the conveyance of the children along with the very high fees. Furthermore, young children were also required to get up early in the morning to commute to these schools. Young children also came home late from School because sometimes parents were late and sometimes transport was late. Such situations generated lots of stress for the children, as well as for the parents. Therefore, there was a need felt to have a quality school in the near vicinity of Kama Wala , Adda Jahi, Gul Bahar , Date , Carol, Julki and Dale etc.rnThe School is being administrated by highly reputed and qualified team , which include Mr.Khalid Pervez , BScs and Ms.Nabila Khalid M-ad Education. Mr Khalid , former regional Manager NETS (Networks Solutions)Sialkot has wast experience in the field of teaching and organizing various types of trainings , where as Ms Nabila has hands on experience to teach all ages of student. Furthermore, her own qualifications and experience in the field of education makes here most suitable person to run a institution of repute and credibility. All the faculty member of the school are bachelor and masters, well experienced in subject they teach.rnAdministration of the School is being patronized by Brig Muhammad Zaka Ullah, who has a world wide experience and passion to spread literacy in the area along with doing other works of welfare for the community.