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Zaphyr Technologies

Zaphyr Technologies - is a Technology oriented firm that provides cutting-edge solutions to its clientele. Our focus to the often over-looked Small & Medium Business Market makes us stand apart from the others vying for larger corporate businesses. Small Businesses are unique in that they are the backbone of the economy and in this day and age, Technology has become the backbone of all businesses. Zaphyr strives to strengthen your IT backbone from all facets. We firmly believe that no two organizations are same, hence a cookie-cutter approach can never really work across the board. Our customized solutions will cater to your special needs and yet follow industry-standards. With a combined experience of over 10 years in the IT industry, its founders have covered a large breadth, both in the hardware and application development segments. This gives us the advantage of retaining a smaller learning curve with the advent of newer technologies and with its customer-oriented sales staff it puts us in the advantageous position to turn on a dime. Zaphyr's strength lies in its highly-skilled and knowledgeable staff that keeps upgrading its skillset to meet the growing demands of the IT industry and constantly updating their IT Certifications to be par excellence. At the bare minimum, that would show a certain level of competency from the vendors we intend to work with to provide our customers with solutions. That also shows Zaphyr's commitment to ourselves, our clients and our vendors. Over the past few years, Zaphyr Technologies has built a team of high profile software developers and Project Managers, who specialize in various disciplines of software architecting and development, with most of the team members joining as Programmers and graduating to the position of Project Managers. We prefer to refer to them as Hands-on Project Managers. Our team of talented professionals helps us provide the following services to all our clients : --Static and Dynamic Website Building --ECommerce Web Development --Intranet Application Development --Small Business Applications --Reporting Products --Application Platform Migration