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ZZ Media (Pvt) Ltd.

ZZ Media (Pvt) Ltd. has been established in Karachi since 2011. We have substantial experience in the competitive sector of IT design and development of proprietary software. We do not undertake any third party work, but only work to build and suppo...





ZZ Media (Pvt) Ltd.Jun 2 at 11:54am
我们在寻找 Web/ Graphic / UI/UX Designer用过点击链接申请
ZZ Media (Pvt) Ltd.Mar 2 at 10:16am
我们在寻找 Senior PHP Web Developer用过点击链接申请
ZZ Media (Pvt) Ltd.Jan 23 at 3:33pm
我们在寻找 Software Quality Assurance用过点击链接申请
ZZ Media (Pvt) Ltd.Oct 1 at 2:29pm
我们在寻找 Mid Level PHP / Front End Web Developers用过点击链接申请
ZZ Media (Pvt) Ltd.Sep 24 at 2:43pm
我们在寻找 Software Quality Assurance Officer用过点击链接申请