The Data Officer is expected to have a sound understanding of data management, analyses and data presentation. He/She must use critical thinking skills to identify and fill gaps in the existing data management system. The data officer will build the capacity of data management staff and program teams to strengthen the data flow mechanisms and contribute effectively to overall Program quality.

Essential responsibilities for the position are,

Act as a focal point for all tasks related to data mangement System 

Contribute to development and maintaince of database when and where required

Ensure availability of data collection and reporting tools including, Registers, pads, reporiting formats, form etc  

Ensure timely submission of daily/weekly/monthly/quarter  to the district, provincial and country office.

1.       Manage and oversee the data collection practices and ensure quality of data at all level.

2.       Collate, Analyse and interpret data generated on regular basis and sharing the findings with decision maker. 

3.       Analyses daily/weekly/monthly data and produce high quality narrative reports with graphical and statistical presentation.

4.       Provide technical support to the data management staff including Service delivery staff, field team and other staff involved in data management.

5.        Will ensure, data management staff receive adequate training, mentoring and coaching.

6.       Give daily/weekly/monthly feedback on quality of data to the relevant service providers and other staff involved in data management. 

7.       Technically review project data quality, project monitoring reports and ensure periodic data validation.

8.       Liaise with data management staff including service providers to timely collect data needed for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly/annually reports. 

9.       Archive the data collected

10.   Protect security of data and ensure confidentiality are maintained

11.   Undertake any other task assigned by the line manager

Technical Support and Quality Assurance

  1. Collate and cross validate the project data for inconsistencies before transmission to the district, provincial and HO on required format.

Coordination & Representation

  1. Co-ordinate with data relevant staff at districts level for data related activities.
  2. Will represent MERF at district   level for all task related to data.
  3. Any other task assigned by the line manager.

Staff Management / Support

  1. Effectively managed all field staff involved  in data collection, management and data reporting
  2. Supervise and monitor data related task of all the service provider on daily basis and provide them with on job mentoring
  3. Enhance technical capacity of  data management staff and Service providers for data management, analyses and interpertation through formal & informal training. 


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Bachelors / Masters in relevant Field
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Jun 24, 2022

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