MEP Engineer (B.E. Electrical/Mechanical Engineering) with 5 to 10 years of working experience required for a High-rise Building Project in Islamabad.

  • Candidate should have strong command in MEP works which include complete Electrical, Plumbing HVAC and Fire Fighting system.
  • MEP engineer has to review plans and specifications according to the plan.
  • MEP Engineer has to prepare plans, details, specified and cost estimated of plumbing, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and general piping system
  • MEP Engineer has to plan, organize the review and evaluate the work of consultants, contractors, and others.
  • MEP Engineer has to prepare and deliver effective presentations whenever required
  • Advise the Project Director of any technical aspects of the mechanical services that may affect construction progress, e.g., quality or snag.
  • Continually review the contractor’s construction schedule during the progress of the site works regarding MEP services and report to the Project Director on the same
  • Review the Contractor’s installation method statements
  • Review contractor’s Electrical & mechanical shop drawing in conjunction with the structural and electrical engineers to ensure engineering coordination and advise the Project Director accordingly.
  • Review Contractor’s Electrical and mechanical services material proposals against specified technical performance requirements and advise the Project Director on the appropriateness of the recommendations.
  • Review Contractor’s proposed subcontractor(s) associated with the engineering works from a technical standpoint.
  • Undertake general project site observation/inspection of the Electrical and mechanical services works for Contractor’s adherence to the approved shop drawings and Consultant’s specification, good working practices, and construction schedule.
  • Be available to undertake off-site inspections of proposed equipment and materials as may be deemed necessary by the Project Manager.
  • Undertake a prior review of the Contractor’s proposed mechanical system testing & commissioning methods and schedule – MEP Engineer roles and responsibilities.
  • Witness on-site piped system pressure test, air conditioning duct leakage testing, and other testing that may be required during the first fix works and advise the Project Director accordingly.
  • On a spot basis, witness mechanical system final testing and commissioning.
  • Review and comment on the Contractor’s testing and commissioning results and advise the Project Director accordingly.
  • Maintain an ongoing list of Electrical & mechanical services defects for the contractor’s remedial action.
  • Undertake final project snagging and prepare a list of defects for the Contractor’s action.
  • Attend project, site progress, and any Electrical & mechanical services-related technical meetings directed by the project manager.
  • Prepare draft site/engineer’s instructions relating to the Electrical & mechanical building services, as required, and issue to the Project Manager.
  • Provide advice to the Project Director regarding any Electrical & mechanical services related to variable costs that the Contractor may claim during the works.
  • Review and comment on the Contractor’s Operation and Maintenance manuals

Job Type: Full-time


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May 21, 2022
May 16, 2022

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