• Develop, Review, and or update human resources and administrative policies and procedures and ensure they are effective, efficient, fair, and transparent and promote equal opportunities. Ensure policies are compliant with the legal instruments.
  • Manage HR functions (recruitment, selection, orientation, exit interview & clearance) as and when required.
  • Conduct regular field travel to Site Offices to review human resources and administrative procedures and assist/ support managers in their needs or ascertain human resource requirements. Appropriately support all emergency personnel as required.
  • Ensure a complete orientation package is in place and that all staff are oriented on time.
  • Prepare job descriptions, terms of reference, and submission of personnel requisitions in coordination with top management and line managers.
  • Ensure pertinent organograms, contact lists, and information flow lines are constantly updated and widely shared.
  • Assess training and development needs of staff and provide appropriate induction and orientation, training.
  • Monitor and uphold staff conduct and discipline and organize regular performance evaluations of all staff. Ensure that exit interviews/ debriefs are prepared at the end of service.
  • Assess staffing needs as required. Identify and recruit new and replacement staff including scheduling contract extensions, new contracts, and necessary terminations.
  • Ensure documents required in personnel files are complete and also manage other files related to HR activities.
  • Conduct correspondence regarding staff and administrative issues.
  • Gather information on training needs for staff.
  • Respond to queries regarding HR data requested by her/his supervisors.
  • Assist in the preparation of salaries by compiling timely staff status reports.
  • Participate in handling employee disciplinary issues, layoffs & resignations.
  • Handling all day-to-day administrative issues in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Keep proper records on files for all PR correspondence between SRs and stakeholders.
  • Liaison between PR & SR office regarding health and life insurance. 
  • Ensure the payroll is delivered in a timely manner to finance for allocation and timely disbursement of salaries.
  • All jobs on sites and in the PR office, Develop the job advertisements and posting of Jobs on rozee. Pk related to Tors.
  • Any other duties as and when assigned by Director HR.


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• Master’s degree in HR/ MBA- HR any other certification will be an added advantage.
5年 (• 5-7 years of experience in human resources management. Minimum two year of experience in the similar position.)
May 31, 2022
May 20, 2022

Nai Zindagi

· 51-100 员工 - 伊斯兰堡

Since 1990 Nai Zindagi has been working with disfranchised groups of people affected by the use of drugs and associated harms to help them move from margins of society to center stage. Often people affected by poverty, social injustice, criminalization and stigma use drugs to cope with the harsh realities of life they are confronted with every day. Increasingly larger numbers of people now inject drugs and share syringes/needles resulting in sporadic epidemics of HIV/AIDS in different cities of the country. We believe in reaching out to the affected and often hidden communities and engaging them actively in developing strategies and programs that best meet their needs and are appropriate to their environment. We would encourage you to explore our web site to know more about the nature of our work and how you can help us reach out and support more people.


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Human Resource Manager

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Human Resource Manager

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Human Resource Officer / Executive

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