The Class/Subject Teacher will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations related to class and subject and will report to Section Vice-Principal and Campus Principal.

  • To lead the academic activities of the concern class and subject in supervision of Vice-Principal and Campus Principal.
  • To develop strategies for the increase in admissions.
  • To make sure the discipline and safety measures for class students.
  • To make sure the clean and hygiene class environment to keep smooth class working.
  • To develop communication strategies for better communication with the parents and guardians.
  • To meet parents and guardians to understand their requirements and resolve quires and report them student’s performance.
  • To follow-up with the guidelines provided by the principal and campus director in respect to achieve the desired standards.
  • To monitor the outstanding fee of section student and ensure the maximum fee collection.
  • To inspect school building, classrooms, and dormitory on daily basis.
  • To manage school logistics and budgets to present monthly expenses and collections.
  • To ensure availability of teaching resources to assist teachers in their teachings.
  • To plan training and development program for teaching and non-teaching staff members to develop their skills.
  • To follow-up with the tasks assigned by the principal.
  • To follow-up with the discipline rules for students and staff members, for example, attendance record, dress code etc as per HR manual. 


  • To uphold the educational policies and integrate the common core government / provincial authorities’ guidelines into each class curriculum.
  • To create benchmarks for students to track progress towards those goals.
  • To develop programs that improve students learning and performance
  • To assist students in understanding class material better.
  • To meet other teachers and student on weekly basis in order to inspect the requirements for   improvement.
  • To inspect students’ performances through random class visits and productive teaching methodologies.
  • To follow-up with the curriculum guidelines provided by the government / provincial authorities.
  • To establish curriculum guidelines in collaboration with the vice-principal and principal and ensure that guidelines are adhered to.
  • To handle emergencies and school crises and ensure a safe and clean environment for students, staff and visitor (i.e., implementing hygiene rules)
  • To develop annual plan in supervision of the vice-principal and principal.
  • To provide leadership for the implementation of standard operating procedures and policies set by the head office.
  • To take minimum 24-hour class in a week.
  • To collaborate with teachers, parents and students to generate better options and suggestions in respect to provide the best education facilities for students.
  • Provide guidance and counsel to students in their academic goals.


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Work Environments

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Flexible work time:
Remote work option:
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Overnight travel requirement:
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English Teacher

The Educators (P E C H S), 卡拉奇, 巴基斯坦
发布 Apr 15, 2022

English Teacher

The Educators (P E C H S), 卡拉奇, 巴基斯坦
发布 Apr 15, 2022

English Teacher

The Educators (P E C H S), 卡拉奇, 巴基斯坦
发布 Apr 15, 2022