• Production Equipment and Systems
  • Laboratory Equipment and Systems
  • RO Plant
  • Electrical (HV&LV) related to production equipment and systems
  • Dust extraction System
  • Compressed air system
  • Vacuum system (30% and 100%)
  • Nitrogen generator system
  • CNC Machines
  • NDT Machines
  • Autoclave Machines
  • SL & Virtek Lasers
  • Paintshops
  • Maintenance and technical areas


  • All related production and lab. equipment and systems
  • Troubleshooting of SL and Virtek Lasers
  • All related production and lab. equipment and systems
  • Troubleshooting of SL and Virtek Lasers
  • Trouble shooting and PM02 activity of all CNCs
  • Trouble shooting and PM02 activity of all Autoclaves
  • Trouble shooting and PM02 activity of all Paint shops
  • Trouble shooting and PM02 activity of Nitrogen generating systems
  • Executing all other work orders as expected and give feedback when finished.
  • Ensure that the relevant PPM work orders are done and not delayed.
  • Ensure that contractors clean up after themselves on site.
  • Before doing unscheduled work, first request to have a Work order made at our Admin and during absence at the Facility
  • Make at least 1 shop floor walk a day to inspect your team on their housekeeping and Work Order performance.
  • Preparation of permit to work for all the required tasks.
  • Create project planning and implement execution
  • Client contact and Work Order follow-up
  • Check / Monitor / Inspect your team for:
  • Time attendance registration for your team on daily base (Admin will provide templates and process the data)
  • Leave and over time coordination
  • Monitoring the performance of your team members
  • Decent grooming & clothing
  • Time registration & absence
  • Guide the work hand & take over process during shift change and at the start and end of the general shift.Trouble shooting and PM02 activity of all CNCs

Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment

  • Ensure all relevant quality, health, safety and environmental procedures, instructions and controls are adhered to so that the safety of employees, quality of products/services and environmental compliance can be guaranteed. Liaise with the HSEQ department for creating standard operating procedures
  • Timely issue and send the incident reports to HSEEQ department
  • Support the HSEQ staff for investigating the incidents
  • Finalize and update the HIRA with support of HSEQ staff
  • Implement the risk control measures arising from the HIRA
  • Conduct toolbox & SOP training whenever the supervisor is deemed incompetent about the topic
  • Prepare the yearly schedule of toolbox and SOP training with support HSEQ staff
  • Ensure relevant emergency tests are conducted
  • Ensure all activities are carried out in compliance with the Clients Quality, Health, Safety and Environment policy and procedures on- site.
  • Ensure the correct use of appropriate PPE and maintain them in good condition.
  • Ensure all equipment used on location is done so correctly and safely.

4 - 6 years’ experience in Electrical maintenance with exposure to Facilities

Management especially in the areas of Electrical Engineering

Knowledge of the UAE / KSA / Qatar / Bahrain / Oman laws and regulations as well as global best practices; decisiveness and judgment, innovative and conceptual skills, numerical and problem solving skills, communication and influencing skills, interpersonal and negotiation skills, planning and organising skills, leadership and teamwork skills, computer proficiency.


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Feb 26, 2023
Jan 25, 2023

Work Environment

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Pakistan Progressive Associates

· 11-50 员工 - Al Ayn

Pakistan Progressive Associates (PPA) is one of the leading management & recruitment consultancy firms licensed by the Government of Pakistan. Having over three decades of experience in assisting leading British, French, German, American, Italian and Middle Eastern firms in recruiting thousands of engineering and technical personnel; PPA is recognized by its clients for professionalism and honesty. We take great honor in listing our prestigious clients: Saudi Consulting Services, Saudi Arabia Flour Arabia, Saudi Arabia (US) Zamel & Tarbug, Saudi Arabia (US) Datasad, Saudi Arabia (GERMAN) Cleveland Bridge, UAE (US) Al Ahleia Switch Gear, Kuwait Saudi Technical Services, Muscat Mitsubishi, Saudi Arabia (JAPAN) MITSUI, Saudi Arabia (JAPAN) Weatherford, Saudi Arabia ( US) Snampogretti, Saudi Arabia (ITALIAN)


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