Progressive experience as an Electrical Engineer and Proposal Engineer.

Writer Strong Communication Skills LV Electric System Design (Matlab, CAD) Industrial Automation (PLCs, SCADA, HMI, Industrial Communication ) Power House Management (PowerPlant 4.0) Industrial Instrumentation and Measurement Power Electronics (MPPT Chargers, Power Supplies, Inverters, VFDs) Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, PV Calculations) Inventory Management & Contracts Management Prototyping (CAD) Analytic Tools (Monte Carlo Simulation, Visual analytics, Optimization Analysis, Time series analysis) Project Management (Primavera, 6S, Gant Charts, Proposals, SOP, BOM, Cost Control, Procurement, Risk Assessment) Energy Audit & Load Profiles Industrial Maintenance (CMMS, Preventive, Predictive, Reliability centered) Electric and HSE Standards Validation and Verification (DQ, IQ, OQ, MQ, CQ, PQ ) Exceptional written and verbal communication skills with a daily output of 4000 words. Extensive knowledge of ’keyword’ research and management tools. Ability to write in a variety of styles and formats for multiple audiences.


Proposal Engineer
InfoTech Private Limited
Sep 2019 - 代表 | Lahore, Pakistan

·         Target: Formulating competitive bids, estimates, quotations, considering best available product mix and appropriate technical and commercial considerations for each individual situation. Ensuring tenders are well documented in a timely manner and with appropriate level of detail, including full and accurate costs.
·         Proposal Development: Ensuring all proposal meet the customer requirements and follows relevant InfoTech techno-commercial, legal procedures, guidelines.
·         Terms & Conditions: Ensuring validation of terms & conditions (commercial, technical, legal, pricing) with support of controlling or Legal or reporting manager.
·         Tender Screening: Initiating tender screening process and supports bid or no bid analysis in close co-ordination with InfoTech procedure, guidelines.
·         Risk Review: Initiating risk review process, participate and contribute in tender risk review process.
·         Collaboration: Collaborating with regional and segment teams as well as support functions for timely submission of offer and handing over of order. Working as a team with other team members and to keep information level same for all opportunities.
·         Contract negotiation: Supporting the sales team by working in close co-ordination with respective all feeder factories or division speaking partner to meet customers’ techno-commercial requirements. Ensuring market & Customer conditions are leveraged to prepare most effective competitive offer
·         Supplier Selection: Identifying potential vendors for equipment and materials required in the project and technically evaluates supplier offers to check match with specifications. Collaborating with supply chain Management to coordinate requests to subcontractors.

Content Writer
Apr 2019 - Aug 2019 | Lahore, Pakistan

Generate content in a clear and precise manner.
Write content according to international & domestic requirements.
Create, edit, and optimize evergreen content in accordance with feedback.
Research and analysis to provide factual statistics.
Incorporate tools in order to increase traffic and site ranking.
Content creation and strategy formulation in consultation with various stakeholders.
Develop Content Management Systems | WordPress.
Develop SOPs, technical manual, and product/process documentation.
Social Media Marketing | Hootsuite.
Editing and Proofreading.
Use of Microsoft Office | Microsoft Project | Google Analytic | Basic HTML .
Web Publishing | Web Traffic Metrics | Data Analytics | MatLab .
SEO techniques and Copywriting (key-word optimization, link-building efforts).

Manager Power House, Maintenance and Utilities
Al-Hilal Industries (PVT) Limited
Jan 2016 - Oct 2018 | Multan, Pakistan

My job responsibilities include:

• Formulation of Cost Benefit Analysis and monitoring the status of various ongoing departmental projects,
• Ensuring and Monitoring to Reduce - Rejection Rate and Rework Volume,
• Operational Master Planning for the entire department to achieve company’s vision and goal,
• SWOT Analysis every quarter to see Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and threats of the entire business and to change strategic OMP considering the analysis
• SKILL Matrix for the entire work force to build a culture of continuous employee’s skill development.
• Planning, Estimation, Installation, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, and maintenance/troubleshooting activities
• Coordination with WAPDA, other government agencies, and contractors
• Evidence Based Asset Management (EBAM), and purchasing of inventory while keeping latest market trends in view
• Dealings with 3rd parties, and supervision of outsourced teams.

Management of whole system, and a team of 25 members implementing various techniques such as:

• Workplace Electrical Safety Program
(in accordance with OHSAS 18001 & OSHA 29CFR1910)
• Electrical Preventive Maintenance (EPM)
• Predictive Maintenance(PdM)
• Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
• Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Technical Writer
Apr 2016 - Apr 2017 | New York, USA

Research-based content creation related to IoT, IIoT, Autonomous Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, and cutting edge technology adaptation.

Management Trainee Engineer
Al-Hilal Industries (PVT) Limited
Jul 2015 - Dec 2015 | Multan, Pakistan

Full involvement in loop checking, function and interlock testing, and smooth running of whole system which includes:

• 11kV HT substation with D STATCOM & 440V LV Switchgear
• Gas Engine Generators 2MW (Jenbacher JGS 320, Waukesha 24 GLD )
• Diesel Generators 3MW (Caterpillar 3508 B, Cummins, Denyo, Wartsilla )
• Dual Gas cum Diesel generator (1000kW)
• SCADA based automation system of 20 ton Coal Boiler, Power house (Synchronization, Generation and distribution), Ghee and Oil filling machines, Soap Packaging machines, Plastic Molding machines, Beverage (Juice-Cola-Water) production and filling line, and RO plant.
• Cooling towers, Heat Exchangers, Battery Banks, APFCs, Harmonic Filters
• Electrolyzer (400kW)
• Electrification, Lightning, Installation of panels & Power Distribution panels.
• LV Transformers (SIEMENS 2000KVA, ALSTOM 1000KVA, PEL750KVA, Climax 650kVA, 650KVA with DC rectifier)
• Motors 1/2hp-300hp (PEL, SIEMENS, Westinghouse, Reliance Electric) with their VSDs, and Overhead Crane 10 Ton with TeSys® Motor Management System (Schneider Electric)

Research Assistant
Sep 2013 - Sep 2014 | Karachi, Pakistan

Worked along with team of R&D to convert the street lights in campus to solar powered LED lights.

Nishat Mills Limited.
Jul 2014 - Aug 2014 | Faisalabad, Pakistan

Internship I undertook was at NISHAT Mills Ltd. In their 5.2MW Power Generation Plant, I worked in Control Room under the supervision and also tagged along the Maintenance team for routine checks and repairs for screening, constraint mapping, and assessment of site potential. I had interaction with their PLC, SCADA, and HMI system incorporating Industrial Automation, and Industrial Communication systems including Ethernet, MODBUS, and TCP/IP, etc. too.

WAPDA Engineering Acadmy
Jun 2014 - Jul 2014 | Faisalabad, Pakistan

The training I undertook was at WAPDA Engineering Academy. There I learned Energy efficiency Improvement standards in detail, and shortcomings in conventional systems and their solution in Thermal Power Plant, Faisalabad. There I had Hands on experience of Conductor installation and repair, Transmission Transformers, Grid Station Equipment including Feeders, Distribution Transformers, Switch Gear (Relays, PLCs, and Circuit Breakers), Panel Boards and Power Generation Plant Simulators. I also had experience of On-Job-Trainings in Grid Stations, Transformer Repair Workshop, and Turbine Repair Workshop, etc.


National University of Science and Technology
学士, 理工学士, ( Bsc ) Electrical Power engineering‎
Electric Power and Control System
CGPA 2.5/4


中级 Etap
熟练 Power System
熟练 Auto CAD and basic knowledge of ERP.
熟练 English Vocabulary
熟练 grammar
中级 QA/QC
熟练 Research
熟练 36000 BPH
熟练 Adminstration Knowledge
初学者 Agile Development
熟练 Analysis of Business Problem
中级 Analytic Tools
熟练 Analytical
熟练 Analytical Thinking
初学者 Applied Mechanics
熟练 Arduino
熟练 Assembly
熟练 Assembly Automation
熟练 Auto-CAD
中级 AutoCAD
中级 Autonomous Maintenance
熟练 Basic technological knowledge
熟练 Bid Specifications
熟练 Bid Strategy
熟练 Blog content
熟练 Blog Marketing
熟练 Blog Posting
熟练 blog writng
熟练 Blogging
中级 Bluebeam
中级 Book Writing
中级 Business Development Process
中级 Business Processes
中级 Business Technology Optimization
中级 C++
熟练 Call Handling
初学者 Civil
熟练 Collaborative Problem Solving
熟练 Command on written English
熟练 Committed Customer Services
熟练 Communication & Coordination
熟练 Conscientiousness
熟练 Conservation Awareness
熟练 Content Writing
熟练 Content Audit
熟练 Content Auditing
熟练 Content Audting
熟练 Content Developement
熟练 Content Developmemt


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熟练 英语