VFX Artist / Audio-Video Editor

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PKR. 50,000 - 80,000/Month




  • create high quality, performance visuals within budgets
  • be dependable and able to hit your deadlines
  • conceptualise, design and create cutting-edge special effects, including particle effects, dynamic simulations and shader effects
  • be able to take direction and feedback well from VFX supervisors
  • Work well on a team and successfully take direction from a supervisor.
  • Adapt quickly and accept change - often have to toss out ideas and start fresh.
  • Work well on a team and successfully take direction from a supervisor.
  • Adapt quickly and accept change - often have to toss out ideas and start fresh.
  • work with creative head, lead artists and supervisors to track and manage the workflow through the departments
  • Input music, dialogues, graphics and effects
  • Create rough and final cuts
  • Work with illustrators, designers and instructional designers to understand the project scope and objectives
  • Prepare conceptual layouts for the motion graphic project.
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions to share new design perspectives and ideas.
  • Provide accurate time estimates for each part of the process.
  • Create Storyboard from the defined concept/story
  • Create sequences of shots from storyboards and/or script pages to enhance story
  • Possess a strong sense of composition, color, and animation timing.
  • Animate creatures, props, and vehicles.
  • Create scene lighting that complements the shot and matches the sequence.
  • Understand cinematic language, camera terminology and have the ability to use motion blur, depth of field and other effects, to create realism.
  • Possess an artistic eye for detail and understand the technical specifications for each project.
  • Composite and track shots to integrate all the layers, including live-action and computer-generated elements.
  • Design accurate models from storyboards, concept art, and/or script pages.
  • Build lower resolution assets for both organic and hard surface - characters, creatures, props, and environments.
  • Texture, rig, and light models quickly and efficiently.
  • Transfer and/or create lower resolution models from higher resolution models.
  • organise dailies, rounds and meetings, taking notes and following up on information as necessary
  • communicate information quickly and succinctly to crew and other departments in person as well as via email
  • oversee the execution of client deliveries of all temps and finals
  • manage edits along with the editorial department
  • have a methodical and thorough approach to work
  • be able to work with a minimum of supervision
  • be able to remain calm and confident in a fast-paced environment.


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