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We are looking for exam coordinator for our qualifications, exams and teaching qualifications in Lahore Head Office.

The person will be responsible for

  • You will be accountable for maintaining the integrity and reputation of the ICD / Exam bodies and the various examination boards by ensuring that tests are delivered to prescribed standards of operations, child protection, security and administration.
  • You will also be accountable for promoting a positive image of ICD by providing a high standard of customer care on the test day.

Programme/service support:

  • Report promptly to test venue at agreed time. In case of any delays
  • Follow and implement all relevant standards & procedures, based on training and reference materials provided by the ICD and the relevant Exam Boards.
  • Be familiar and execution with the emergency procedures for the test day venue.
  •  Invigilate exams to the standard required by the ICD and the relevant Exams Boards.
  • Actively monitoring assigned candidates during tests to ensure that there is no violation of test condition, procedure and field operations.
  • Supporting supervisor to ensure that candidates have a positive and consistent test day experience along with positive image of the ICD
  • Ensure all material is accounted for and handed over securely to the supervisor.
  • Follow all relevant guidelines and policies in the areas of: Data Protection, Child Protection, Health & Safety, Equal Opportunities and Diversity, and Anti-Fraud.
  • Report any incidents, emergencies or breaches of security to the appropriate test day supervisor.
  • Work with the test day supervisor to promote and ensure the wellbeing of candidates at all time. In case of emergencies, follow correct procedures.
  • Additional duties in line with the role may be required.

Customer support:

  • Enable good customer flow by giving candidates clear direction and answering their enquiries in a polite and professional manner.
  •  Ensure that candidates follow the agreed exam procedures regarding the location and security of their belongings.
  • Conduct candidate exam venue entrance, exit, identity checks and Test Day Photography procedures according to exam requirements.
  • Ensure special arrangements are provided as required

Training and development:

  • Attend all briefing and training sessions as requested by ICD.
  • This will include Online Trainings, Face to Face sessions and reading all exam handbooks and regulations provided to you
  • Complete all mandatory training modules either online or Face to Face: Data Protection, Child Protection, Health & Safety, Equal Opportunities and Diversity, Anti-Fraud, Identity Checks as required.

Other important features or requirements of the job:

  •  Invigilators may be required to travel, including overnight stays as per business needs. During the recruitment process you will be asked to indicate your willingness to travel.
  • Invigilators are required to be highly vigilant when observing candidates; to watch and hear the happenings at exams venue and test hall.
  • Invigilators must always be dressed professionally, in accordance with the role while representing ICD However, it is recommended that you wear soft comfortable shoes.
  •   Noisy wearables and jewelry are not permitted.

You will be required to do

  • Exam day activities
  • Post Exam Activities
  • Also you will be coordinating with ICD other exam venues eg. Karachi, Islamabad etc. to run exams at these venues smoothly.
  • This will include doing Pre and Post exam activities for all other venues.
  • As well.

Exam Marketing

  •  Meeting with local Educational advisors, schools, Colleges and Universities career counselor offices to update them about exams 
  • Attending Education Fairs, Exhibitions and Career Fairs presenting Exam info
  •  Running Exam referral incentive schemes, keeping record of referral parties / payments / incentives paid or due
  •  Designing / initiating Running promotional campaigns for social media, press & Email campaigns to market exams
  • Gathering market intelligence time to time about rival similar exams / products and what competitors are doing.
  • Keeping your senior staff member updated about market trends and devising ways to   move forward.
  • We are looking for exam coordinator for our qualifications, exams and teaching qualifications in Lahore Head Office.

Desirable Skills


  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English 
  • IT Skills with ease to use MS Office applications – Uploading data, entry of data & using
  • Pleasant personality
  • Job timings 10am to 6pm / 9am to 5pm – Alternate two Saturdays will be ON in a week and two will be off. Sunday will be off.


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