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PKR. 80,000 - 200,000/Month




Expected start date: ASAP (position is open if you can still read this)


About Techgenix

Techgenix is building an enterprise level software development team.

Our entire vision drives around Quality, On-time delivery, and a Customer first approach.  

Your Role

We’re looking for people who are not afraid of learning something new, who can read docs, watch tutorials and teach themselves quickly. We’re looking for people who can write clean code. You must be familiar with agile development and reporting requirements. The ideal candidate should be self-driven and motivated. We want to work with people who realize their own potential and can execute quickly. We do not compromise on quality and your role should be to maintain the already excellent software development best practices being used at our organization.

Main Role

  • Software development Java , C++, NodeJS, React / Vue, HTML, CSS

  • Design & develop software applications using the latest and most advanced software tech stacks

  • Have an understanding of how world-class enterprise software development is done.

  • Development of Middleware / integration(s) with other platforms

  • Will prefer prior work experience on Java, .Net, Python, etc.

  • Development of Middlewares, API integration (REST or GraphQL), proper code structures, understanding unit & e2e testing, code coverage, linting, etc.

  • Test & debug software applications in Chrome or VS code

  • Create high-quality design documents

  • Participate in key design meetings/discussions

  • Promote our work culture of freedom, responsibility & dependability


  • Strong command over Java (Will prefer if you have knowledge of javascript, .Net as well)

  • Experience in developing web applications using at least one popular web framework (JSF, Wicket, GWT, Spring MVC)

  • Strong Mathematical skills are required

  • Have good knowledge of databases (MySQL, MongoDB, InfluxDB, POSTGRES)

  • Must be able to design, build and maintain REST APIs

  • Will prefer experience with GraphQLShould have experience with Charting libraries (D3 Charts, highchairs etc)

  • Should have experience working with themes or custom development

  • Experience in integration of various packages

  • Must be able to write clean, test-driven, easily maintainable, modular code

  • Be able to use Jira or similar software for bug tracking

  • Be able to use GIT and collaborate with team projects (we use Bitbucket/GitLab)

  • Knowledge of front end tech (Bootstrap, Web Pack, CSS, will prefer Less/Sass know-how)

  • Strong DevOps skills (Bash scripting skill is important, Docker is Must, Ansible preferred)

  • Understand how deployments are done via docker (will prefer if you have worked on k8s)

  • Strong knowledge of Cloud (AWS, Azure)

  • Will prefer good Linux console skills (bash scripting)

  • Should know how to write test cases, create deployment pipelines, etc.

  • Knowledge of MQTT, Web Sockets, Real-time communication, Caching, PWA, service workers)

  • Understanding of Authorizations / Authentication / RBAC in modern web apps

  • Understand software security and how TLS, SSL certificates, and access tokens work

  • Understanding of data Visualizations & analytics

  • Understand how to make projects successful and redirect resources to focus on that

  • Will prefer experience with payment gateway integrations (Paypal, Stripe, etc)

  • Will prefer experience with integrating SMS (Twilio), Email (Mailgun / MailChimp), CDN integration, Google maps integrations, D3 Charting / using charts to build modern web applications, 2FA integration, slack integration, Push Notifications,

  • Will prefer the experience of deploying web servers (Nginx, Apache, Traefik, Caddy, etc)

  • Understanding of microservices and splitting monolithic applications

  • Creating Schedules, Groups, CRUDs, and implementing custom business rules engines (like an internal IFFT)

  • Integrated unit testing (Jest) & code coverage reports

  • Will strongly prefer if you have developed high-volume, low-latency applications for mission-critical systems and delivering high availability and performance


  • Will be responsible for building modern products & solutions that create an impact

  • Will be responsible for developing automated test platforms to ensure quality

  • Will be responsible for doing code reviews, debugging and optimization of code.

  • Will be responsible for developing and maintaining live documentation of projects (Google docs / Confluence / Jira / Repo readme docs)

  • Will be responsible for enhancing our already existing internal products/solutions

  • Will be responsible for making incremental improvements to our existing codebase & repos

  • Will be responsible for discovering bugs/ anomalies in software and fixing them.

  • Will be responsible for collaborating with other teams to bring Proof of concept/prototypes to life in a few days/weeks.

We care less about years of experience and more about your drive, problem-solving skills, initiative, work ethics, personal integrity and creativity. A primary requirement for this role is an extraordinary knack for clear and concise communication.

You can demonstrate that knack by explaining why you think our company is a good match for you.



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