Tazyeen Anjum recently had the opportunity to sit down for a vis-á-vis with Anders Lindström, Vice-President of Remanufacturing at VOLVO, and discussed some key elements related to the transportation industry.

Mr. Lindström has been part of the prestigious Volvo Group for over 35 years, and with his vast knowledge, shares some of the experiences that he has witnessed within the company, and in the transportation industry in general. His deployment in Pakistan during the latter half of the 90’s gave him the opportunity to establish an industrial foothold for Volvo, and gave him a unique perspective on the Pakistani market.

In the video, Mr. Lindström shares his opinions on how the Pakistani market can make a radical change, and align itself for a more productive transportation infrastructure. He also highlights key factors that need to be kept into consideration, and bookends the discussion with his personal thoughts on how foreign industries can better understand the Pakistani market, and learn to operate in it for maximum benefit.