speaks to Mr. Abdur Rauf, the ace print and electronic journalist who has been instrumental in setting up one of the most successful newspaper and electronic channels in Pakistan – GEO TV. Mr. Abdur Rauf talks on the much-ignored subject about who should be a player in the field of journalism, and on what principles should the game be played.

In his interview, Mr. Abdur Rauf provides advice on how to move ahead collectively, creating a positive impact through media, and analysis on recent events, such as the Women’s Protection Bill of Punjab. The primary issues of concern were being able to regulate media on the basis of credibility and quality of production, the inculcation of a change in mind-sets of individuals, creating awareness with regards to various social issues, and having a more proactive approach with campaigning strategies.

Mr. Abdur Rauf currently heads GEO TV as the Group Director for Programming, and is most famous for his experience in journalism, and shows such as ’50 Minutes’. The opinions highlighted in the video are Mr. Abdur Rauf’s own personal views, and do not reflect the views of any other entities associated herein.