ROZEE.PK’s drive to empower people and organizations by providing them with opportunities to move forward is the fundamental principle on which the company thrives. The principle stems from its leadership’s dream ‘to create impact at scale’. With a focus on changing people’s lives for the best by helping them realize their greatest ambitions, ROZEE.PK has its fair share of stories where it has been instrumental in giving people a shot at their dream jobs. Here, we chronicle one such account where a resource was coupled with a great organization – Lahore University of Management Sciences, to gain such a privilege.


Rana Munawar started his career in 2003, taking on an assistant teaching position at The American School post graduation. After many years within the educational sector, which involved stints at the American Lyceum School System and the Mukhalid Foundation, Mr. Munawar began his search for a new form of employment that he considered would be the turning point in his career. Thus, he crossed paths with ROZEE.PK, a service that had come up during his job searching period back in 2010.

Rozeeís team informed Mr. Munawar of an administrative position at the Lahore University of Management Sciences [LUMS] in their Career Services Office, and a representative swiftly contacted the Human Resource Department at LUMS to arrange for an interview. Through these efforts, Rana Munawar managed to secure employment at LUMS in 2015, and has since been doing very well for himself there. On the subject of his experience,  Rana Munawar states, ìThe platform of ROZEE.PK facilitated me in getting a dream job at LUMS, the premier university of Pakistan, faster than I ever thought.î

Highly grateful to the excellent team of Pakistanís #1 job site for the wonderful service through which they managed to shortlist his resume and schedule his appointment, he believes others too will be able to benefit. Mr. Munawar holds Mr. Monis Rahman, CEO of ROZEE.PK in very high regard as a facilitator to both employees and employers.

The story of Rana Munawar is yet another successful tale of the ROZEE.PK brand, which has till date processed more than 32 million applications across more than 64,000 employers. Utilizing industry-leading tech and powerful tools, the site opens up many opportunities for the right employer to find the right candidate and vice versa; striving to set the standard as the leading recruitment service in the region.

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