Ghulam Sakina, a single mother and a junior staff member at Beaconhouse Senior Branch, Rawalpindi exudes an inspirational story of fortitude. Also a tale of commitment ñ with twenty-three years of service, Ghulam Sakina lives every day to the fullest, grateful to Allah for her loving parents, who, while were unable to provide her with worldly education, strived to teach her religious and compassionate values. This proved to be the foundation of her resolve, as she believes that nobody is poor or rich in this world; it is actually a man-made theory that differentiates the human race in various classes. A person is known for their deeds and not their wealth. Her support and demeanour adds immense value to the institution, but she insists that had she not gotten the chance to work with good people like Mrs. Qazi, she might not have been able to come this far in life. Her story makes AgayBarho! think ñ the hand of God can work wonderfully through anyone touching somebodyís life effectively.


Let’s all extend a helping hand to a hand in need around us, and help people move forward while we resolve to do the same!


Full story by Ayesha Abbas in

AgayBarho! Vol 01: Issue 01