Everyone loves a smart hiring campaign: designing catchy ads, scouring applications, conducting out-of-the-box interviews and ultimately finding the right candidate. It’s a heady feeling indeed. If you’re a small business, however, things may not quite be that rosy.

Here’s the scenario:

A key team member’s resigned – you’ve got less than two weeks to find a replacement. That’s the most likely scenario for hiring in small companies in general – the unexpected gap in the business is something that could hurt the organization if not quickly filled!

Problems arise with the fact that people in small businesses are already working at full stretch in their daily tasks, meaning that it’s uniquely difficult to get the hiring process off the mat. There’s also the lingering notion of hiring a bad fit that can make people drag their feet. After all, the only thing worse than a gap in a small business is an ill-fitting cog.

A knee jerk reaction to that would be to hire rapidly enough so that in the worst-case scenario of a misfire, the hiring process redux can happen swiftly. However, rushing the recruitment process without careful planning is risky too.

The answer may lie in taking a step back and setting aside some dedicated time to plan and work through the hiring process.

Know What You Need Before You Start Advertising

If you’re in a rush to advertise, there’s a risk you won’t be clear about the role you’re trying to fill and the person you’re looking for.

Clearly defining the roles and responsibilities associated with it, academic and work experience requirements, and any personal identifiers would help both you and candidates in determining if they are the right person for the job.

There’s a flipside to the rush as well – Some companies go all out with the details, creating such lengthy tomes that applicants are deterred from applying as they feel that they barely meet all the given requirements. Specifically, applicants observing too many responsibilities beyond core role duties, would be unlikely to apply to such a job. You would end up missing out on some talented individuals, definitely not what’s needed at that point!

Hire Smarter, Not AND Faster

Once you know the sort of candidate you’re looking for, you can begin to turbocharge your hiring pipeline. In fact, with ROZEE.PK’s state of the art recruitment tools, you can shave a significant chunk off your time-to-hire – and you don’t even have to worry about missing the right candidate from the pile of applicants!

In this day and age, your effectiveness is only good as your data processing – ROZEE gives you that immense leg up with its detailed dashboards. Know your applicants at a glance, their experience and their skills, how well they are rated against qualities you are looking for via specialized testing, or just let our algorithms provide you the best matches based on your criteria.

The ROZEE Edge

ROZEE’s online platform puts you front and center with Pakistan’s best talent – an ever expanding pool of over 6.5 million professionals! But wait, you might say. Even a small percentage of that pool applying means a lot of people, how would we ever navigate this haystack?

Riding to the rescue, again: Not only do you have advanced filtering options for all jobs and applicants, but the power of our algorithms can be harnessed to get recommendations that best fit your requirements.

Need more power at your fingertips? Rate and rank your applicant pool with ROZEE Tarbiat, our global standard skill testing service, which would let you see, at a glance, the cream of the crop! There’s no denying the truth of numbers and having a quantified demonstration of a professional’s skills is a critical way to save time/effort in the hiring process.

As a small business, your future is in a constant state of ebb and flow. Let ROZEE technologies be the anchor your business needs in the stormy seas of the modern marketplace.