Pakistan’s unemployment rate is hovering at the 8% mark – a truly grim outlook for the state of our economy. For hiring managers, this stat opens up their recruitment exercises to high volumes: most expect hundreds upon hundreds of resumes per job opening.

What does this mean for companies, other than an increase in the workload of HR?

Having a large applicant pool sounds great on paper – it means varied portfolios, diverse professional, academic and experience backgrounds – all recipes for finding amazing people to hire! The reality however, is rather different. Most employers find themselves inundated with irrelevant resumes – a large volume of received CVs end up having minimal to no relevance to the job requirements, or even to the industry itself. This adds up not only to work tedium for the HR employees responsible for conducting the hiring exercise but end up costing the company itself in terms of time and hiring effort – You can’t just dismiss a paper/email CV without knowing what’s on it!

With the breakneck pace of today’s industries, such a bottleneck is unacceptable! That’s where ROZEE.PK’s “Premium Select” package for Employers comes in. Packed with state-of-the-art curating technologies, this product empowers hiring managers by eliminating the mounds of unnecessary CVs and shortlisting the best candidates for them! A true life saver for the professional who would otherwise be spending days upon days poring over resumes and profiles that would ultimately be discarded!

For the proactive HR, ROZEE.PK has the exclusive CV Search Engine, powered by advanced sorting and filtering algorithms with access to Pakistan’s largest database of CVs – 6+ million CVs and counting! Access to the CV Search Engine allows HR to actively seek out candidates that meet their requirements – these requirements can be fine tuned to bring out highly sought-after passive candidates who usually do not respond to advertisements.

Save yourself from the hassle and headache of the bloated applicant pool – hire smarter with ROZEE.PK!