In a world increasingly dependent on English for its business communication on a global level, companies can no longer afford to give language skills secondary priority. In fact, the general advice being passed around in recruiting circles is: When in doubt about choosing between potential new hires, go with the one with better English skills!

Modern workplaces, it’s come to light, are increasingly spending more and more on equipping their employees with the right language skills to better handle hours spent daily emailing coworkers, clients and superiors. Not only do weak writing/communication skills hinder professional and business growth, it can irrevocably tarnish public image.

Employers Want Strong Language Skills

In recent years, studies have shown that good communication skills are quickly rising to the top of employers’ wishlists. The reason behind is that clear communication is a sign of clear thinking. Great writers can make things easy to understand – the basis of good communication is the ability to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and those are qualities that are essential in any candidate.

This has created a demand for high-skill professionals in the market without there being a definitive way to identify said ability. In hiring situations, that is a problem. There needs to be an easy-to-quantify, reliable system in place to allow swift, accurate hiring of English-enabled candidates.

How to Choose the Right English Skills

The British Council has been working with in order to support the development of analyzing English skills for employability; the Online Placement Test (OPT), accredited by British Council and powered by tech- it’s the most reliable way to evaluate professionals using an online Global Standard English Assessment.

The OPT addresses the market need by giving employers a global standard test to evaluate their candidates against – the legacy of the British Council ensures that this is an English test like no other! The test is administered online and provides instantaneous results – ranked on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), providing you a baseline for ability that is recognized the world over.

Once you have tested your applicant pipeline, analyzing the results is as simple as heading over to your Rozee Employer account and comparing the ranked badges (based on the CEFR) of all the test-takers – simply unprecedented hiring ease!