Shoddy web content is the bane of online sales and revenue generation, a silent killer because few companies realize that the content they’re putting up is below par. That means that before any organization can begin to overhaul the quality of work they produce, they need someone in charge who understands how to evaluate web content and can differentiate between different kinds of requirements and effectively communicate those down the chain.

To help out, we’re going to highlight the general qualities to look for in copywriters – Remember though, every business has unique requirements so you may find yourself needing more, or fewer, skills than the following list in your content team. These qualities are based on Google’s five quality criteria.

Identifying the Ideal Copywriter


Copywriters should be able to communicate facts and information in a clear, concise manner. Complex ideas relating to your products/services need to be broken down into simpler chunks, which is where informative copywriters gain the edge!


Writers generally lack business expertise, and this becomes apparent in their work to readers actually involved in the relevant industry – this is a real challenge in B2B scenarios as it will quickly ruin your perception! Authoritative writers with specific experience in the industry as your business are imperative to create engaging, well-reviewed content.


Audiences today embrace and prefer individualistic, creative tones as opposed to the cookie clutter jargon-filled missive that are prevalent with the “older” generation. You need writers with their own unique voice to attract and hold your target audience.


It may seem like a thing that goes without saying, but needs to be repeated again: There can be no compromise on the quality of writing. The simplest grammatical mistakes can kill your conversion and forever damage your reputation in your field. Your copywriters must be well-versed in English and its many nuances. Choose wisely.

How to Choose the Right English Skills

In a world increasingly dependent on English for its business communication on a global level, companies can no longer afford to give language skills secondary priority. This has created a demand for high-skill professionals in the market without there being a definitive way to identify said ability.

The British Council has been working with in order to support the development of analyzing English skills for employability; the Online Placement Test (OPT), accredited by British Council and powered by tech- it’s the most reliable way to evaluate professionals using an online Global Standard English Assessment.

The OPT addresses the market need by giving employers a global standard test to evaluate their candidates against – the legacy of the British Council ensures that this is an English test like no other! The test is administered online and provides instantaneous results – ranked on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), providing you a baseline for ability that is recognized the world over.

Once you have tested your applicant pipeline, analyzing the results is as simple as heading over to your Rozee Employer account and comparing the ranked badges (based on the CEFR) of all the test-takers – simply unprecedented hiring ease!