Ever wondered why are the educational institutions and business organizations these days engaged in training their students and employees on good communication skills in English? Why do the parents these days leave no stone unturned to make sure that their children study in schools that emphasize greatly on developing English language skills, both verbal and written? Why do many qualified graduates and post graduates so keenly take up English language courses?

Some two to three decades back, the choice used to be between a government school and a private school whereas today, the choices have extended to the international schools following British or American curriculum.

Whatever be the reasons for the different choices that parents make but one thing that is not debatable is that almost all parents want their children to have the ability to communicate confidently and effectively in English.

There’s no denying that a good command over English opens up countless avenues for a bright career and it is one of the keys to landing a good opportunity locally as well as abroad.

You may ask “Why English?”

With the globalization, all cross-border business communication is usually done in English, which is why its significance in the global job market cannot be underestimated.

The reason behind English’s popularity as a common language across globe is Great Britain’s expansion during the colonial age. Majority of the people across Canada, Australia, New Zealand, most of Asia, parts of Africa, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Germany and many other prominent nations, speak English either as their first or second language.

A major chunk of the content produced on the internet is in English, and this is not all. Most of the world’s top books, films and music are also produced in English. So knowing English means getting access to an unlimited variety of data, which may not be otherwise understandable.

Research proves another fact that English speakers in the world earn more money than non-English speakers. so if you’re comfortable at communicating in English, you can easily land that first job in your career and look forward to a positive future.

Being a good English communicator means being able to easily explain your ideas to the management and convincing them into making decisions.

Professional fields such as customer support, information technology, aviation, medical, entertainment, diplomacy, media, business administration, human resource and many more mandatory require individuals with excellent English communication skills.

How do I showcase my English skills?

If you’re a good at English and are looking for a way to showcase your skill to potential employers, you may take up a professional certification, ideally accredited by the British Council. The Online Placement Test which is accredited by the British Council and powered by Rozee.pk, Pakistan’s biggest career portal, can help you not just prove your English language skills but also land your dream job.

Bringing it all together

So, if you have a good command over English, your opportunities for a well-paid and interesting career increase manifold. You’ll be able to work for, or deal with, international companies and organizations around the globe, which in turn may lead to opportunities to travel and broaden your outlook. English, when spoken with confidence and finesse, not only adds to the charisma, but also helps one accomplish their personal professional goals.